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Ghulaam 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Ghulaam 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdaets. Ghulaam 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update. Ghulaam 31st March 2017 Written Episode Updates.


Veer tells rangeela he’s going to no longer do injustice and asks rangeela to blindfold him. rangeela does. veer asks to rotate bottles now. rangeela does. bhisma shows veer to listen to bottle sound carefully and shoot. rangeela notices veeer’s motion and rotates bottle cautiously. veer misses target once. gulguli says shivani that she is lucky that veer neglected goal for the fir time. veer shoots again. bhisma again repeats to concentrate to bottle sound cautiously and shoot. rangeela increases pace. veer shoots bottle and broken pieces fall in circle. veer says rangeela that his malkin will dance now. maldawali comments, she would really like to cut her legs however no longer dance on broken glass. veer warns shivani if she does no longer dance, he’s going to shoot rangeela. rashmi pleads veer. he shouts. she then pleads bhisma and gulguli. they snigger on her. she gets into circle and begins choosing glass pieces. shivani asks her to move, else she will harm herself. maldawali drags rashmi out and gulguli slaps her. shivani begins dancing on haryanvi song. gulgulli asks to stop now, else shivani might be injured.

Veer orders rangeela to lie on glass pieces and ask shivani to bop on his again. shivani pleads she will keep dancing on glass pieces. gulguli yells rangeela is ghulam and could ought to obey his boss. rangeela eliminates glass pieces from shivani’s injured legs and lies on glass portions. veer orders toddler doll/shivani to bop on rangeela’s back now. shivani says she can not. gulguli yells to obey orders. veer takes gulguli’s oath that if shivani does now not dance on rangeela’s feet, he will shoot rangeela. shivani apologizes. maldawali performs track. shivani climbs on rangeela’s lower back and rangeela shouts in ache. veer orders to dance. shivani helplessly dances.


Jageer (character modified) enters and greets bhisma. gulguli asks how is he. he says identical as berahampur, both in no way alternate. he then comments on rangeela that he appears at sky and spits, nowadays his spit fell on him. he orders shivani to bounce and comply with orders. he then taunts maldawali that she had a contract of dancing in berahampur and is thrown out like fly in milk. he orders to percent her baggage as they may depart berahampur, he had already informed sarkar that he is coming to take his wife with him. bhisma says he already advised that he’s going to no longer ship his bahu with him. jageer says maldawali is his wife first and rest next, she will be able to pass anyplace he goes. bhisma says he’s berahampur’s father or even his, he came and spoilt his temper these days. gulguli requests veer to prevent now. veer asks rangeela to rise up and leaves. shivani helps rangela and ties her dupatta around is wounds. jageer laughs and says changes have already started out in berahampur and large dhamaka will appear.


Precap: Veer asks rangeela like shivani considers him husband, if he considers her wife. he has to show that shivani is his malkin.


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