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Ghulaam 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ghulaam 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Ghulaam 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Ghulaam 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update .


Bhisma name callings jageer that he did no longer even once step into wresting ground in lifestyles, he’s worst than defeated player, he should cross and rest now. jageer laughs and leaves. rangeela washes shivangi’s toes and applies medication on her injuries. she writhes in ache and he receives worried. he himself does no longer care approximately his accidents. shivangi gets involved and asks him to move document from right here. maldawali says she will nurse rangeela’s wounds, he ought to ot shrink back from getting rid of his blouse. rangeela says he’s delivered up among blood baths, those injuries are commonplace for him and he is aware of how to take care of them. he asks to move and attend her husband first as he got here after such a lot of days. she fume he does now not have to tell what she has to do.


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Rangeela passes by way of veer’s room. veer calls him in and asks like shivani considers him husband, if he ever concept of considering her spouse. rangeela says never. veer says when he slapped shivani before, he notion he does now not, but seeing latest incidents, he thought he does. rangeela thinks if maalik saw malkin hugging him and says no, he does now not. veer asks him to head.
maldawal again taunts rangeela to drop shivangi to her room. rangeela says she herself can move. she scoffs if veer noticed him hugging shivani and reminds him that he has to forceed shivani and increase her weight. he says he recalls advert leaves.



Maldawali gives meals to shivangi and gives kheer, smirking that with the powder she mixed shivangi will now not even eat a spoon of it. shivangi say it’s far very tasty and eats full. rashmi thinks she had modified maldawali’s kheer and asks maldwali if some thing passed off. maldawali nervously says no.

Rangeela returns to shivangi and asks if she completed meals. she says he cares for her as he considers her as spouse. he says he is only a servant of this residence. their nok jhok begins. he twists her palms and says once more he’s only a servant. he asks her to come back to wrestling floor after someday as she can run or even he’ll accompany her.


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Veer calls rangeela and asks if he’ll make shivangi run. rangeela says sure. veer asks him to fold palms and drops water. rangeela beverages it and veer drops water on rangeela’s wounds. rangeela writhes in pain. veer asks if his bandage is moist, then he ought to change it first.



Precap: Shivangi tells rangeela that point will alternate and he’s going to stand for her. rangeela says it’s far her dream. shivangi says it isn’t a dream, sooner or later will come while he’s going to fight towards world for her.




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