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Ghulaam 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ghulaam 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Ghulaam 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Ghulaam 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update.


Rangeela serves meals to radhika and her family girls and says he couldn’t serve them right meals as his amma and balam’s wife aren’t at domestic. radhika praises that he fights and even chefs food, he’s multitalented. someone knocks door. rangeela asks them to preserve consuming and protecting gun opens door. he sees jageer and asks what is he doing right here. jageer says if he has to take his appointment to come here and forcefully enters in. he sees women and feedback. he says veer has known as rangeela with some of these women.


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Manmeet orders rashmi to have chillies. she thinks what happened to him, he became hugging her the day past and these days wants to torture. he orders that he is her husband and she or he ought to obey him. she bites chilli and runs to drink water. he snatches water glass and asks to be counted till five first. she loudly says 1 and realizes he wants her to talk. he hugs her and says on every occasion she will be able to cry, he’s going to hug her and console her. he then says he’s going to additionally devour a chilli along with her and eats one, shouts for water and rolls on ground. she liquids water and laughs. she shouts she has long past mad.
Rangeela takes radhika and her own family to haveli. jageer tells sarkar that rangeela did a large sin by way of retaining loot item at his house. rangeela says they may be not matters, they’re appropriate own family girls and have been in trouble, so he took them domestic and promised them to drop them home the next day morning. gulguli yells who is he to take them home rather than bringing here. veer walks towards radhika and says she is well knowledgeable and rangeela will marry her. rangeela is taken aback. veer says it’s far his very last choice. sarkar scolds veer how can he take choice with out his consent. veer says his selection is very last and no person can change it. radhika shouts rangeela ditched them by bringing them here, she will get them all arrested. veer angrily points gun on her. she shouts. shivani attempts to console radhika, but she shouts at shivani. veer pushes radhika and orders shivani to take her in. all four women walk in with shivani.


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Jageer congratulates sarkar for rangeela marriage and gives him sweet. sarkar throws sweet box angrily. veer says rangeela isn’t a child and it is right he himself added this lady. sarkar says he’ll determine while and where rangeela will marry. veer says he has promised. sarkar says even he has promised and could see how he will disobey him. gulguli yells at rangeela that he is a dirt and dust hit her residence. jageer provokes veer that he confronted sarkar’s wrath for the first time, he is bearing it on account that early life and it is veer’s turn. veer must now not back down from his decision. veer asks rangeela if he’s going to obey sarkar or his maalik. rangeela stands tensed.


Ghulaam 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Veer says rangeela that he is turning into groom. rangeela says he will now not marry kidnapped woman. veer says observe him, he married a abducted lady and asks rangeela to offer first invitation card to shivani.


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