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Ghulaam 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Ghulaam 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Ghulaam 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Ghulaam 8th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Rangeela asks khushi if she knows phantom is orphan. she says no, she simply is aware of that him, shivani, balam and manju are his family. rangeela asks to reconsider once as marriage takes place as soon as in lifestyles. shivani comments as soon as love happens, not anything is visible, he’s going to no longer apprehend as he did no longer fell in love but.


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Panchs announce that they pink handedly caught sarpanch misusing panachayat cash and shot him, so now they’ve selected veer as new sarpanch. veer says he’s going to follow older rules and could in no way permit new rules in berahampur.


Gulguli goes to kitchen and asks maldawali why meals is not organized yet. maldawali says veer despatched shivani out and rashmi is crying her commondo’s dying. gulguli fumes that she will scold rashmi. maldawali stops her and says already there is anxiety at domestic after sarkar left. her fight is with veer as he desires to take over sarkar’s place. she needs her to take over sarkar’s place and get shivani returned domestic. gulguli says rangeela will not allow her move. maldawali says relationships spoil in second, they may pressure rangeela to leave shivani.
rangeela speaks to physician and asks why he desires khushi’s wedding so quickly. medical doctor says khushi wants to go overseas for research. rangeela suggests problem later and tells shivani that they have to be careful from veer. shivani asks why he’s frightened of veer. rangeela says sarpanch’s role is very effective and people will be geared up to die sarparnch’s order.veer is sarpanch now and can do something.


Veer appears himself into mirror carrying pagdi. he then imagines shivangi and rangeela coming holding their palms and giggling on him that he is robust now, but couldn’t preserve his spouse at home. they preserve giggling and taunting. veer points gun on them. rangeela laughs that he couldn’t shoot him and could by no means. veer receives some other and sees them disappearing, realizes it is his creativeness, thinks accurate it is creativeness, else he would have killed them.


Rangeela and shivani decorate residence for phantom’s wedding. amma glad runs keeping sindoor. she asks shivani why she is also carrying sindhoor when she isn’t always yet married to rangeela. she asks no longer to worry, she will be able to get her married to rangeela. shivani shies. rangeela leaves. amma says he were given shy.


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Veer thinks he wishes a spouse now and reminisces phantom with khushi, thinks she must no longer be his bhabhi as she did no longer put on sindhoor. he calls his aide and asks to discover who she is. aide informs she is visible in health practitioner’s house. veer goes to doctor and asks who the girl is. document says pal’s daughter and she or he has to go back lower back to delhi. veer says he wants to marry her and asks to send her to haveli. rangeela calls doctor simply then. veer asks to interchange on speaker. doctor does hesitantly. rangeela speaks and asks him now not to fear, veer can not harm them until he is there. veer laughs and asks health practitioner to bring the lady, else he’s going to dangle them each in the middle of village.


Precap: Rangeela tells veer he’ll break shackles from berahampur girls’s legs and will give them freedom. veer says he’ll cage berahampur ladies and hold them as maids, their life wil be waking up early and sound asleep later after men sleep.


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