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Har Mard Ka Dard 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Har Mard Ka Dard 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Har Mard Ka Dard 27th March 2017 Written Episode Updates. 

the episode starts offevolved with vinod attempts speaking to kanno at the same time as she is dancing. he closes the music system and asks her to show her earrings. kanno asks why he’s inquisitive about girly stuff. vinod thinks if i inform her that i am going to shop for sonu then she can supply me a list. kanno shows the earrings. vinod says i thought your birthday will be sooner. kanno says her birthday was over remaining week. vinod says it will come subsequent 12 months naa. vinod coughs and asks her to convey water. he thinks to take the p.c. kanno brings water. vinod says you obtain this for cheap charge. kanno asks why he is behaving girly. vinod says no and is going.

He comes to the shop and asks keep keeper to show the jewelry by using giving the description. keep keeper suggests the designs. vinod tells him that his sister offered jewelry from his save and offers her description. shop keeper recollects kanno and says he’ll display the earring layout which she offered. apsara asks vinod no longer to do mistake and take same type of earrings for sonu. she says you may get overwhelmed much. vinod asks her not to annoy him.

Keep keeper tests and tells that they have no identical design and asks him to shop for a few different. vinod says my spouse wishes same design. keep keeper says girls say some thing and want some thing else. vinod insists that sonu desires equal jewelry. store keeper says he’ll get it made via next week. vinod asks him to make it through the next day. store keeper prices 20000 making charges. vinod concurs. sonu asks vinod approximately her earrings. vinod thinks to marvel her and makes excuses. sonu receives disappointed and sleeps.

  • Vinod thinks to leave early from university before taneja calls him. defend stops him and says taneja ordered him. taneja comes and says you may any work, however will now not work. vinod says he have to buy rings for sonu after which take her to marriage. taneja asks protect to let him go and says he will cut his revenue. vinod comes domestic. apsara comes on motorcycle and asks him not to offer this gift to sonu. vinod says i got it with a lot love and asks her no longer to irritate him. apsara asks him now not to return to her if some thing wrong takes place. vinod thinks to cross test and takes kanno’s earrings. he sees both of them comparable. dadi comes. vinod thinks to get it tested by means of dadi. he shows earrings. kanno asks what kanno’s earrings are doing with you. kanno comes and takes her earrings. vinod says it was stored at aspect, so i notion to maintain effectively. dadi asks kanno to get geared up. sonu receives prepared and thinks vinod should are becoming rings for me. vinod brings earrings and asks her to shut her eyes.

Vinod makes her put on earrings and tells poetry. sonu opens her eyes and appears inside the replicate. her smile vanishes seeing identical earrings and he or she receives disillusioned. she begins eating dhoklas which she made for vinod. vinod asks what wrong did i do? he asks what happened? sonu signs him to go away. vinod goes out. she closes the door. he knocks at the door asking her to open the door. he asks her to inform what came about and tries to cheer her.

Sonu throws the stuff in her room. sonu calls her mum and tells that vinod introduced equal earrings as his sister. rasika says so down marketplace and asks her now not to anticipate something from vinod. she asks her no longer to break her make up and says bye vinod hears their communication and asks sonu to open the door. vinod rubs the locket. just then he sees papa ji status. papa ji asks him to get ready speedy. sonu comes out of room and asks him to invite earrings why she is irritated. vinod says it’s far identical to identical just as you stated. sonu says it’s miles like i have stolen kanno’s jewelry. he rubs locket and hears her mind. she says equal to same which means, no longer same to equal. vinod asks what do she imply by means of that? sonu says you may not apprehend. vinod thinks approximately apsara warning him and even jeweller warning him. vinod thinks what to do now.

Precap: vinod rubs locket to pay attention sonu’s mind. sonu is afraid to be teased by using her friends approximately the identical jewelry.



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