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Har Mard Ka Dard 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update On lollyupdates. Har Mard Ka Dard 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Har Mard Ka Dard 29th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode begins with sonu and vinod coming to eat golgappa at the road aspect keep. vinod tells sonu that they may have competition and could eat until they get tears of their ears. they start ingesting. sonu gives up and says she will be able to’t eat more. vinod says you have got lost, and asks vendor to present more gol gappa. a person comes there with his spouse. vendor thinks he’s going to end all the shop in 30 mins. he orders 10 plates golgappa, 10 plates aloo tikka and bhel. he asks his spouse if she wants to have it. sonu receives curious and asks the female if her husband eats the entirety on my own. lady says yes, and tells that it is just a starter and asks her to look. she tells that when they got married, her husband was lean like vinod, however later were given fat having junk meals. she says i need to have stopped him, but i didn’t.

Now we need to order unique fitting garments for him. sonu imagines vinod gaining weight and becoming fats. she shouts and tells vinod that she will’t be ignoring spouse and takes vinod from there.

Vinod asks why did you convey me home and says aloo tikki turned into delicious. sonu says your stomach is placing. vinod says you informed that i’m becoming lean. sonu says i mean you shall grow to be healthful and healthy. she tells that papa ji have become like samosa after ingesting it. papa ji hears her and says big belly is an indication of massive domestic. dadi asks vinod to keep the stuff. sonu asks him to depart it else his bone would possibly circulate from its region. vinod tells that he can raise 4 suitcases at a time. sonu challenges him. vinod couldn’t raise the suitcase. apsara comes and sits on it. sonu tells vinod that he can’t pass it. vinod asks apsara to transport and asks why she is sitting as paper weight. apsara continues to be sitting. dadi asks him why he’s taking to suitcase. vinod says he’s analyzing hanuman chalisa. vinod couldn’t move it and falls down again and again. sonu says you have lost the challenge and that’s why you will do what i ask you. she says oily parathas and junk food will be stopped. apsara laughs and goes.

  • Subsequent morning, sonu jewelry alarm and makes vinod gets up. she says you have to go to gymnasium now and tells that she has taken club. vinod says you didn’t inquire from me. sonu says i’ve taken club from my savings and idea to spend my parlour cash in your health. vinod has the same opinion to go. sonu asks him to get prepared and goes to bring tea. she brings tea and asks vinod if he’s in washroom. she hears him loud night breathing drowsing at the swing. she wakes him up and dips his finger in warm tea. vinod asks her to let him sleep for 5 mins. sonu says i’m mad to peer you in shape and asks him to sleep. vinod receives up. apsara comes and says it’s far impossible to trade wife’s stubbornness. vinod says this is occurring because of you. apsara asks him to come back and says she will be able to display him some thing interesting.

Apsara makes the area set like that of devlok. she tells that after spouse’s get involved approximately her husband, she makes his chita. vinod receives bowled over. apsara asks her to listen to sonu and goes. vinod comes and asks sonu to concentrate to him. sonu sees him ready to go to health club and is happy. she says you may go to gymnasium morning and night. vinod says i play carrom with my buddies in nights. sonu says it’ll not benefit and asks him to head even in evenings. vinod thinks about apsara’s phrases and gets tensed.

He comes returned domestic and calls sonu. he tells that he hit the health club for 2 hours and his body is paining. sonu involves him and says she will massage him. vinod says my pain is gone seeing your smile. sonu says you’re sweet. anju says she will bring special lassi. sonu says she made nimbu pani. anju sees blood on his pant and asks him approximately it. vinod tells that dumb bell fell on his finger. anju says she will be able to call doctor. sonu asks him no longer to go for 2-three days. vinod says he can do something for her. he remembers going to fitness center, however monty comes and asks him to lie to sonu and play with them. they have got kachoris and tomato sauce falls on his pant. monty takes selfie. sonu thanks him. vinod says i’m able to do some thing. apsara says he is mendacity to his wife, he’s long gone.


Precap: vinod asks sonu, why did she cancelled his membership and says he became habituated to visit fitness center each day. sonu says you understand naa some thing i do is to your betterment.



Update Credit To: Aditiya

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