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Har Mard Ka Dard 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Har Mard Ka Dard 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update. Har Mard Ka Dard 31st March 2017 Written Episode Updates.


The episode begins with sonu telling vinod that if he don’t just like the gift then they may send it back. vinod thinks some thing he do, sonu is having trouble with and thinks he will go to gymnasium in any case. sonu says its ok if you don’t like. vinod says i couldn’t understand you and tells that this gym at domestic is flop show. he goes. sonu smiles. vinod and his circle of relatives do workout on treadmill one at a time. dadi additionally joins them sporting fitness clothes. she then tired then and makes anju massages her head and feet. days passes through. vinod thinks he is frame is paining to assume to do exercise. he sees mirchi and garments on the treadmill to dry and asks anju to maintain papad additionally for drying. anju says it become getting wasted and that’s why i concept to apply this way. later sonu asks wherein is he going? vinod says he has renewed the club and may be going to fitness center. he tells that he couldn’t hit fitness center with out bunty and says he receives motivation, dedication and so forth….he says once I hugged bunty, i sincerely loved and thought my bones will cracked. he tells that they visit steam and sauna collectively. sonu asks if he is not ashamed. vinod says bunty is his pricey friend. sonu thinks she misplaced vinod.


Vinod sporting events within the fitness center. he tells trainer that he’s going to paintings after a while. woman bunty comes and asks him how is he? she says he’s extra devoted than others and asks why don’t you put on gloves. vinod says even you don’t put on gloves naa. dumbell is about to fall from her hand, vinod catches it and holds her hand. sonu comes and sees this, she thinks i will no longer go away bunty. she involves her and threatens and warns her no longer to take gain of vinod, says my vinod is most effective mine. she thinks now she will no longer come close to vinod. she leaves.


vinod involves gymnasium. guards inform him that his membership is cancelled, and tells that bunty left the gym and three other contributors also left who used to come back to stare bunty. vinod asks why? instructor tells that sonu came the day prior to this and blasted her anger right here on bunty. vinod comes domestic and asks sonu what she did inside the fitness center. dadi tells that she has kept maun vrat and could now not speak. anju asks her to maintain maun vrat again. vinod asks her to end her vrat and talk to him. dadi says let her speak. vinod says she said so much in the gymnasium and here, she is not talking? dadi asks what she has done. vinod says it’s far approximately husband and wife. dadi asks him to speak the next day and takes sonu with her.
vinod thinks to recognise sonu’s heart and feelings. dadi asks sonu to have some thing and says anju made dhokla for her.


Sonu makes an disillusioned face. vinod thinks to hear her thoughts and rubs his locket, however he is pulled out of room by using apsara. apsara tells him that sonu is indignant and tells that she will be able to no longer assist him. vinod requests her to assist him. apsara asks him to says poetry and praise her being professor. vinod tells poetry teasing her. apsara says it isn’t always your cup of tea to reward me, but it is in my hand that will help you. she gets the magic e-book and tells that once a spouse have a doubt that her husband is having an affair, then her coronary heart is having a jwala mukhi blast and asks him to calm her down first. vinod receives questioning. vinod thinks to calm her anger and recognise her mind. he comes to sonu and says whenever i see your face within the morning, my morning will become properly. he asks why did you do that with bunty? sonu says you became flirting along with her and he or she become talking and giggling at you.


  • Vinod says she became just praising my muscular tissues. sonu says if she wants to positioned acchar of the muscle groups. she asks him to inform straightly that he’s having an affair. every body pay attention her and are greatly surprised. sonu tells approximately bunty and tells that she used to stare him and needs to talk him domestic. she says they talked terrible matters on telephone. vinod tells her that her health club trainer is likewise bunty. sonu asks him now not to lie and says she is innocent, but now not silly. vinod promises her that he isn’t always having an affair. anju asks if you are announcing truth. dadi asks him to go and convince her. vinod goes following sonu. he rubs locket and hears her mind. sonu fears to lose him and thinks if a girl praises him then i’m able to’t undergo and can’t share his love with all of us. vinod thinks jealousy is the opposite call of love and thinks to express his love.


He calls sonu and asks her to come back down, else he’ll consume sharma ji’s golgappa altogether. sonu comes to him and says you’ve got left this. vinod says i had left it, however now not you. he says he don’t want to emerge as healthy and desires any woman’s compliments. he says he is prepared to emerge as fat and doesn’t care approximately his fitness. he says only you can see me. sonu apologizes to him and says she has emerge as insecure approximately him. she asks him not to depart her. vinod says never. papa ji comes and asks sharma ji to serve golgappa to all of us. vinod thinks he has satisfied his spouse in any case and says a great deal fitness is awful for a married guy.


Precap: vinod tells sonu that ant have bitten him. sonu tells him that it would have come due to his unhygienic matters. vinod tells her that these things comes due to her mother and father. sonu receives indignant and tells that she will be able to not talk to him and will see who talks to whom first.


Update Credit To: Aditiya


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