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I Hate You Episode 66

I Hate You Episode 66  on Lolllyupdates. I Hate You Episode 66. I Hate You Episode 66 Latest written updates.

Recap: kunj drops twinkle domestic. the following morning, twinkle regrets her moves. she is shocked to find mahi and yuvi, at the side of their son, shubh at her condominium. mahi and yuvi plead twinkle to come back returned, but twinkle refuses. she later unearths out that sam and kunj had been operating collectively and runs out, yet again feeling betrayed.

episode sixty six

twinkle runs out of sam’s cabin.
sam- twinkle, wait!
the entire day, sam attempts calling twinkle, however she in no way alternatives up the calls. so sam comes to a decision to permit kunj know. he calls kunj.
kunj- hey?
sam- kunj, there’s a large mess proper now!
kunj- what occurred?
sam- twinkle…she…
kunj- what came about to twinkle? is she ok?
sam- she located out everything. about, me helping you and the whole lot!
kunj- what!
sam- sure! now she’s no longer selecting up any calls.
kunj- ok, i’ll move take a look at on her right now.
sam- you still have the key to her condominium that i gave you proper?
kunj- yea, i have it. i’m going right now.

  • (twinkle’s condo…)

kunj walks into twinkle’s condo and sees it very darkish.
kunj- why is the whole lot expensive? where is twinkle?
kunj hears some gradual tune coming from twinkle’s room. he notices dim lighting fixtures coming from there as nicely. kunj walks into twinkle’s room and is amazed at the sight he sees.
kunj- what the…..
the room turned into dimly lit with candles. there has been a desk installation in the middle of the room. at the desk sat twinkle, wearing a black silk saree and a sleeveless low returned shirt. in her hand became a pitcher.
kunj- twinkle, what are you doing? what is all this?
twinkle appears at kunj and takes every other drink from the glass. she starts guffawing.
twinkle- ih kunj, y…you’re here!
twinkle slurs out her phrases and kunj realizes that she is inebriated.
twinkle- you recognize, e…all and sundry betrays me. no person understands me. so i determined i don’t need everyone. see, look! so now i’m on a date with myself.
twinkle is going to take every other drink from the glass, however before she can do so, kunj takes the glass out of twinkle’s hand.
twinkle- kunj, provide it lower back!
kunj- twinkle forestall, you’re drunk. stop this now and throw all this away!
twinkle- no!
twinkle tries to grab the glass from kunj, so he fast gulps down the drink.
twinkle- hawww kunj, you’re so suggest. you completed my drink!
kunj’ head begins spinning as he starts offevolved to get inebriated. he steps again and holds his head. twinkle factors at kunj and laughs. even as doing so, she stumbles and bumps into kunj. twinkle falls at the mattress with kunj on top of her. kunj movements a strand of hair far from twinkle’s face.
twinkle- you won’t go away me once more right?
kunj- by no means.
(sajna ve performs in bg).
kunj leans down and his lips meet twinkle’s tender, plump ones. after a while, they smash the kiss and kunj appears into twinkle’s brown eyes. twinkle smiles and pushes kunj and gets up. kunj grabs a hold of the stop of twinkle’s saree. he pulls twinkle returned and she or he stumbles into his chest. kunj’s hands make their manner around twinkle’s waist and his hand travels below the saree and onto her bare belly. kunj kisses twinkle’s shoulder. he turns her round. he wraps one hand round her waist and the other travels below her knees as he lifts her up into his fingers. kunj slowly lays twinkle on the mattress and hovers over her. twinkle’s hand travels to the back of kunj’s head as she makes a fist in his hair. twinkle felt as kunj dropped his weight on her. her nails dug deep into his naked again as his lips marked each part of her frame as his, and his only. the remaining of the lingering pieces of anger and distance flew off as our bodies and souls joined together as one.

  • the subsequent morning…

twinkle wakes up and stretches her fingers. she feels some type of warmth subsequent to her and opens her eyes to discover herself drowsing snuggled next to a bare chested kunj. twinkle fast sits up as she hugs a blanket to her chest and looks again at a slumbering kunj. she turns into stunned as attention hits. twinkle covers her mouth in surprise as she remembers everything from last night.
twinkle thinks- oh my god, what did i do?
she speedy gets away from bed and runs into the toilet. some time later, kunj wakes up. he taps the bedside subsequent to him and feels it empty. he opens his eyes and appears subsequent to him. he additionally realizes what occurred and fast sits up.
kunj thinks- what did i do? oh my god!
he turns and sees twinkle in front of the reflect. she had on a white blouse and black dress pants and turned into now intending to place on her black heels.
kunj thinks- what is it? is twinkle no longer affected by any of this?
twinkle places of her heels and reaches for her bag.
kunj- twinkle…
twinkle seems at kunj for half of a 2nd and then maintains to get ready.
kunj- twinkle, appearance, i am so sorry. i don’t recognise how all this occurred. we were both under the influence of alcohol and…
twinkle doesn’t pay any heed to kunj. kunj receives away from bed and wears his shirt. he walks as much as twinkle and turns her around to stand him.
kunj- twinkle, tujhse baat kar rahi ho essential. why are you quiet? say some thing.
twinkle remains silent and heads toward the door.
kunj- twinkle, you may’t simply depart like this. after ultimate night time, you could’t simply leave. say some thing rattling it!
twinkle turns around furiously.
twinkle- what do i say now?! i am twinkle taneja. i’m a renowned neurosurgeon and i have my existence prepared. it took me a long term to forget you and flow on in my existence and focus on my profession. i received’t surrender most of these years of hard paintings just due to the fact you stepped back in my life and commenced to enter my coronary heart once more. now what do i say? oh kunj i forgive you due to the fact we slept collectively closing night time? or do i say, i gained’t forgive you however we will nonetheless sleep together every night time. what do i say?
kunj- twinkle, what are you…what…
twinkle- you understand what kunj! you are a stubborn, ignorant, and an idiotic idiot! plus, you’re a bit silly, do you understand that? you are….a…uggg!
kunj watches silently as twinkle gets annoyed.
twinkle- uggg kunj! your such an idiot and i hate that i nonetheless love you! (echoes)
kunj’s eyes light up listening to twinkle’s phrases.
kunj- what, i hate you! i hate you kunj sarna, i hate you!
twinkle furiously storms out. kunj was left speechless.
kunj- wow.
kunj smiles.
kunj- she loves me. she nevertheless loves me.

precap: twinkle is pregnant?

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