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Ishqbaaz 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Ishqbaaz 11th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Ishqbaaz 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Anika dances in the party. kamini says shivaye has to die, human beings will think mahi died, but mahi will stay here on this residence as shivaye. she offers a gun to mahi. some time before, dadi says how can this occur, shivaye received’t be in sister’s sangeet. pinky says even i m tensed questioning this, don’t worry, shivaye may be close, he stated while sangeet gets over, ranveer and he’ll divulge mahi. mahi stops anika and says you are locating shivaye, in case you act smart, you’ll keep in mind what i do. she asks him to prevent threatening. he says i can kill that fatty, come with me. he takes her on level and asks her to look down. she seems down. she sees soumya inside the chamber below thru glass floor. he says we are able to see her, soumya can’t see her, in case you go to shivaye, this stage will wreck, all of us will die and soumya too, you do what you locate proper now. she says leave soumya please. he says i will go away her if you comply with me. lighting fixtures move. ranveer and priyanka come downstairs.


Full Details of Ishqbaaz 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kamini and pinky take them. rudra dances with ladies on the degree. cutie pie plays……….shivaye says ranveer informed his crew, we will arrest mahi once sangeet receives over. tej says properly, i m watching for it. everyone dance on the level. shivaye smiles seeing anika. she thinks how to tell shivaye that mahi were given to recognise the whole thing, and hazard got excessive now. he walks to anika. she sees mahi. mahi turns to her. she signs shivaye. shivaye receives lower back. shivaye signs and symptoms to invite what. she signs and symptoms not anything. he goes. she sees mahi and stands quietly.


Kamini says i knew you can’t try this, its desirable ranveer came on right time. ranveer says bit we don’t have tons time, shivaye is just watching for sangeet to get over. she says i have a solution, swords can’t live in a single holder, one has to break. mahi asks what do you imply. she says i suggest, shivaye has to die. they get stunned. she says humans will sense mahi died, but mahi turns into shivaye and live on this house for all time. she offers him the gun. mahi says i can’t do that, i will’t kill anyone. she says who requested your recommendation, i m giving you order. he says make me do some thing else, i will’t kill every person. she holds his face angrily and says you need to try this. she arms him the gun and symptoms him to close up. he sees the gun. kamini and ranveer leave.


Rudra says thanks, i really like you too men, next performance is by way of anika. he asks anika to return. anika sees shivaye. she thinks to inform shivaye any way. she recalls the code phrase oye oye. she calls rudra and tells him something. rudra says anika modified the song. anika says yes, i have to tell something to absolutely everyone. anika dances with the organization on gajar ne kiya hai ishara……shivaye stands away and appears on. she dances and tries signing shivaye. shivaye hears oye oye and recalls her phrases. he turns to peer her. guest meets him. he receives distracted.


She thinks this is the danger to tell the entirety to shivaye. shivaye goes. she sees him long gone. mahi also gets busy. she thinks where did shivaye cross, he become right here, before mahi unearths me, i have to talk to shivaye and inform him the whole thing. mahi sees her long gone and thinks to stop her earlier than she fails his plan. he meets ranveer and says every body act so nicely here, i get harassed. ranveer says we’ve less time till sangeet ends. mahi says we can go away from right here with cash. kamini says no, we took big hazard, only for 10 crores, i received’t pass till i get 2 hundred crores diamonds. he says they’ll provide it in marriage, if we stay here till tomorrow, we can be gone. she asks are you mad, we were given risk to spoil their appreciate, i ought to get priyanka’s being pregnant information out. mahi says its now not priyanka’s mistake. she says you’re simply performing to be shivaye, she isn’t always your sister. she says why to smash a lady’s existence, we can go away. she asks did i ask your opinion, i can decide what to do, stop the use of your thoughts, simply do as i say, understood or not.


Anika calls shivaye. she says wherein did he pass, he is not answering. she sees everyone. pinky says sangeet got over, wherein did shivaye cross, mahi is freely roaming. anika remembers soumya’s words and thinks to tell everybody about ranveer and kamini’s reality. she says i’ve to inform some thing to you all.


Kamini and ranveer come. she asks did you say or no longer. pinky asks what is it, inform us. kamini says i can say, this marriage can’t appear. all of them get stunned. tej asks what do you imply. kamini says i suggest this marriage can’t occur tomorrow, my family pandit said if marriage does no longer appear inside 20minutes, there may be no mahurat till 2 years, we need to try this marriage now. tej asks how is that possible. she says its now not big thing to make it feasible for youngsters’s happiness. reporter asks tej is there any unique reason behind the wedding taking place nowadays. tej asks who gave you this news. kamini smiles and remembers informing media and welcoming them. reporter says we were given a name from your home to cowl this marriage. shakti says its marriage, how will all rasams take place. pinky says 20mins can be taken to get dressed up bride. kamini says shivaye agreed, why are you refusing, in which is he. mahi comes. kamini says shivaye you stated yes, but your own family is refusing. he asks what’s the hassle, bride and groom are here, there is no mahurat till 2 years.


Last Part of Ishqbaaz 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Shakti asks are you announcing this, you realize its marriage residence, there are many rasams, mandap must be made, pandit is coming. mahi goes on stage and says sure, mandap can be fixed right here and faucets on floor asking anika to say kamini is pronouncing right. anika remembers his words. he asks anika do you recollect, you’re house’s bahu, you could do preparations speedy, tell them. she says i think shivaye is announcing right, priyanka’s marriage happens nowadays or day after today, it does now not matter, we can try this for her happiness. kamini says proper, then cross and make priyanka equipped, we can meet in marriage mandap. she asks ranveer to come back. they leave. anika looks at mahi angrily.

Precap of Ishqbaaz 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Kamini asks are you my son or of these oberois. mahi says i m your son, however you are doing wrong. priyanka says whatever occurring is right. mahi says i m awful, but now not fallen. pinky says i don’t recognize what’s taking place. mahi says i instructed ranveer earlier than, not anything must occur to shivaye. anika asks priyanka to provide bridal dress to her.



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