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Ishqbaaz 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Ishqbaaz 12th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Ishqbaaz 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Kamini says this marriage can’t happen, ranveer come. anika asks who stopped you, cross if you need. kamini says take a look at this girl, throw this ghunghat so that when rich circle of relatives’s daughter receives ashamed, how she seems, i’m able to do that excellent element. she lifts the ghunghat and sees anika. a while before, pinky receives priyanka equipped as the bride. pinky asks anika did you speak. anika says he is not answering. priyanka says i hope whatever is going on is right. kamini comes. pinky asks how did you come back. kamini says i came to peer if priyanka got ready, she appears quite. pinky taunts her.


Full Details of Ishqbaaz 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Kamini says besides, ranveer is prepared, you all also get equipped and come to mandap. anika says shivaye went someplace, soumya’s life is in chance, i received’t let priyanka marry ranveer after knowing his and kamini’s fact.


Ranveer says its blessings to prepone marriage, we will get 200 crores diamonds, mahi’s arrest plan went on hold, fine. kamini says oberois will lose recognize. mahi says don’t do that, we’re awful, now not very bad. kamini asks are you my son or of these oberois. mahi says i m your son, but if each person points finger at girl’s character, i will’t see. she says see this as you noticed me getting insulted. he asks what’s priyanka’s mistake. kamini says what was your mistake, you have got endure all this. he says i m in opposition to this. she says you ought to have said this before. he says i m terrible, no longer fallen, i informed ranveer before that shivaye have to no longer die. she says you fear for everyone, except your mum, ranveer provide an explanation for him, i m terrified of him more than shivaye. ranveer says mahi, permit it move.
Kamini says sooner or later, that day has come, for which i used to be ready considering that many years. they see pinky taking bride. mahi says anika isn’t always right here. kamini asks why do you care, come. he says its huge characteristic, anika ought to be with priyanka, they’re very clever. she says please prevent using your mind, come quickly. she goes. mahi and ranveer see someone/anika. ranveer says anika is right here, you were stressful. ranveer locks the door. he says now she will’t do anything, come.


Family brings priyanka/bride downstairs. kamini asks mahi to go to his own family. mahi asks ranveer to come back. pinky says i desire to overcome him. kamini says they assume they’re smart, they think we don’t realize shivaye is faux, they don’t understand we know it. rudra says acp, we’re oberois. ranveer says they received’t be capable of do anything even after understanding the entirety. tej says you will recognize what oberois can do. mahi says i don’t understand why i m feeling restless, i m doing this on mum’s pronouncing, something is wrong.


Pandit asks groom and bride to return in advance. kamini says wait a min… pinky ji you’re forgetting our speak. pinky asks while did we begin speakme, we simply argue, what are you announcing. kamini says we spoke approximately what all you will provide us fortuitously. pinky says you are saying about dowry. kamini says i m speaking about 2 hundred crores diamonds, which you were going to provide in marriage, shivaye i assume your own family is expecting your permission. shivaye says sure, we will deliver diamonds if we gave a word. tej calls the servant to get diamonds. kamini says if you can change 2 crores rings, its count of 200 crores diamonds now, so i were given my jeweler along. the person tests and says diamonds are real. she asks servant to maintain diamonds in safe. dadi asks lets begin marriage rituals. kamini says why now not. she blows poppers and many chits cave in. journalists examine that priyanka is pregnant. all people get stunned.


Reporter asks tej what’s this, who is father of the kid, so you have become her married to regular acp. kamini asks what’s all this, you have hidden such large factor, see this is real general of oberois, their daughter is pregnant, out of wedlock. tej, shakti and pinky get angry and scold kamini.


Kamini says i m no longer blaming, see, its written on those papers. shakti asks can’t this be any rumor. pinky says i m certain its a person’s plan. kamini says it perhaps genuine additionally, ranveer is that this your toddler. he says by no means, i did not have any relation with priyanka. kamini asks had been you going to put someone’s sin on my son. newshounds ask them. shakti asks them to prevent it. tej says if every person writes about my daughter, i shall sue them. kamini says you can do whatever with the aid of cash, but you could’t purchase my son, i can in no way make such reasonably-priced and characterless girl my bahu, this marriage can’t manifest, ranveer include me, we gained’t stay right here. anika says sure, so go if you want, who stopped you. kamini stops.


Kamini says observe this woman’s braveness, she blackened her face and is pronouncing such, she has no values what does she want to realize through placing this ghunghat, throw this ghunghat so that when wealthy circle of relatives’s daughter gets ashamed, how she looks, i can try this suitable component. she lifts the ghunghat and sees anika. kamini, mahi and ranveer get bowled over. anika smiles.


Kamini asks what’s this drama. anika asks why, can just you do the drama. kamini asks what’s anika doing in priyanka’s area. mahi thinks i knew this, mr and mrs. kanji eyes will do something. he sees a chip on his sleeve and says what’s this item, is this tracker, its shivaye’s work, mahi higher go away from here. he goes.


Last Part of Ishqbaaz 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Kamini asks all of them to answer. pinky says you’re in hurry to get your oh my mata executed, anika inform her what bad things she did. kamini says mind your language else. tej asks else what…. they all stroll to kamini angrily. tej says don’t you care kamini, i can not tolerate if you misbehave with any member of my family. anika says your plan flopped, you concept you are fooling us, but we were fooling you, we knew your and ranveer’s plans, you concept we are able to’t do some thing in 20 minutes, you forgot you are dealing with shivaye singh oberoi, while its approximately his own family, he turns 20 games in 20 mins. anyone smile.


Precap of Ishqbaaz 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Shivaye says your game is over, you couldn’t harm shivaye’s circle of relatives. kamini says sport does no longer end till kamini increases, be geared up to die shivaye. she shoots. anika comes in between and gets shot. shivaye holds her in arms.


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