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Ishqbaaz 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Ishqbaaz 14th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Ishqbaaz 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Commandos catch up shivaye. mahi holds anika’s hand. anika says you aren’t my shivaye. she shouts shivaye and runs out. a while before, kamini says how dare you and raises hand. shivaye holds kamini’s hands and is derived between. he says you did many mistakes earlier than, if you do one extra, i won’t tolerate, if you increase hand on my sister once more, or in case you hassle her, none will be worse than me, get out of here. kamini and ranveer go away. shivaye hugs priyanka.


Full Details of Ishqbaaz 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Dadi says its good everything got exceptional. pinky says we bumped off them, but where is mahi hiding. mahi receives conscious and holds his head. he says what am i doing here, i fainted, i m here, it method shivaye is outdoor, i have to do something. he gets up and is going. he reveals the door locked. he asks what will i do now, assume. he sees the window.
Tej says i don’t apprehend why don’t we get him arrested if the whole thing is apparent. shivaye says if world is aware of mahi become staying right here, it’ll have an effect on our shares. shakti says however you have to understand, we are able to’t go away him alone, he’s a dangerous guy. shivaye says i’ve a plan for him, so that press does not know.
Mahi leaves from the window. shivaye tells the media and guests, that party did now not cancel, just marriage got cancelled, its an amazing day, as our sister is secure, first-rate and glad, please experience yourselves, thank you for coming. he asks tej to control guests, i will take care of mahi. anika asks him what’s the plan. he asks her to look there. she sees commandos and asks did they arrive to seize mahi. he says there’s press and visitors, there should be no drama, none will recognize after they catch mahi, i have constant a tracker in his outfit, it’s going to show his area.


Commandos attempt to track mahi and run after him. he hides. anika asks in which will they get him. he says garden in the back of our house, they will interrogate him and make him admit the truth. mahi runs. he says shivaye has despatched commandos to trap me, if he’s shivaye, i m mahi, its not smooth to fail me, now game changed, the only who has the tracker in hand is faux shivaye, now seize me. he runs.


Anika says wow you made top notch plan. he says it has to get finished, mahi will try and alternate sport. she says its in our arms. he says i will test him. she stops him and holds his hand. o jaana…..performs….. she asks him to take care. he holds her hand and face. ishq hai aansu…..performs………he receives away and is going. commandos search for mahi. shivaye walks inside the corridor. mahi hides and sees him. he chews gum and gets the tracker chip from his sleeve. he sticks the gum to the chip and throws on the floor. shivaye steps on it. the tracker sticks to his shoe. shivaye senses some thing and stops.


Mahi gets up and walks the opposite path. shivaye turns and sees him. mahi then walks to him. commandos come there and catch up shivaye. shivaye struggles and sees mahi. mahi smiles. anika comes and smiles. commandos take shivaye and go away. she says thank god, we got free of him, what takes place if he tries, i informed you its our recreation. mahi says you stated right. she says i continually say right. he says sure, no doubt. she asks wow, shivaye is praising me. he asks why now not, you done this appropriate plan. dadi comes and offers him prasad. she thanks god that the whole thing were given quality. she asks him not to eat prasad alone, make anika have it too. she is going.


Anika forwards hands. mahi holds her hand and keeps the prasad in her hand. she gets stunned and appears at him. she recollects shivaye’s touch whilst he held her hand a while earlier than. she recollects shivaye. she gets her palms back and says you aren’t my shivaye. she shouts shivaye and runs. mahi appears on and says this husband and spouse constantly destroy my sport, i received’t allow them to meet else my plan will fail.


Commandos take shivaye outdoor. anika shouts shivaye and runs. shivaye frees himself and shouts. he says i m shivaye singh oberoi, forestall it. commando says forestall performing, we recognize you are his replica. shivaye says i m no longer reproduction, he is roaming at home. anika comes and stands in front of shivaye. she says pass, he’s my husband, he’s my shivaye.


Commando asks how we could believe. she says i m saying it, i m his wife, wife can’t do mistake in identifying her husband. he says we caught him, as he had tracker, shivaye told us one who has tracker is reproduction. she says he’s my husband. shivaye says i m shivaye, don’t you recognize. mahi comes and says what the hell is wrong, seize him, he is replica, shivaye is person who has no tracker. shivaye shouts this man is mendacity, i m shivaye. every body come. tej asks what’s going on. mahi says this duplicate is pronouncing he’s shivaye. shivaye shouts i m real shivaye. mahi says enough, take him. shivaye shouts stop it ranawat, i hired you to trap that imposter, no longer me. the commando looks at mahi. mahi runs.


Last Part of Ishqbaaz 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Commandos run after him. shivaye also runs to catch him. anika says no shivaye, please forestall. each person run to shivaye. shakti says you don’t want to run after him, commandos will try this paintings, its sufficient which you are secure, we don’t want anything else. kamini hides and sees them. shivaye sees anika and asks why are you standing there, come here. anika walks to him. kamini says i informed him to kill shivaye and take his vicinity, if he heard me, oberoi mansion could had been in our palms, i think shivaye’s loss of life is written with the aid of my palms. she pursuits the gun at shivaye. anika sees kamini and receives bowled over.


PPrecap: Anika shouts shivaye and runs to him. she stands in front of him. anika gets shot. anybody get stunned. shivaye holds her in hands and shouts anika.


Update Credit To: Aneesa

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