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Ishqbaaz 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Ishqbaaz 21st April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Ishqbaaz 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update.

Pinky says you used to mention a person is known by means of his own family, now anika’s call will get related in your name, your kids and their youngsters ought to realize anika’s family. he says sufficient. she asks in which are you going. he says i m taking place paintings. she asks are you going without pronouncing anika’s surname, atleast say that. some time before, shivaye introduces anika to the media. he says meet my wife, she isn’t always simply my strength, but my biggest support device, anika shivaye singh oberoi. anika says just anika, recollect out of individual factor. he says satisfactory, meet my spouse anika. he offers her the award. pinky says you forgot your mum for spouse, she stored your life, you probably did not think of mum who gave you beginning, its my hardwork, you gave credits to this cheap woman. all of us clap. pinky says you made me faraway from shivaye, now see i can make you far from anika. she cries seeing them.

Full Details of Ishqbaaz 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Pinky asks maid to name shivaye for dinner. maid says however shivaye requested to get food to his room. pinky asks why. shakti says i told them to have meals in room, you recognize they may be harm. she says however we don’t have food in room. he asks what’s big deal to peer convenience. she says my shivaye first sees traditions. shakti sits to have food. she thinks shivaye is breaking customs for anika.

Anika is unable to have meals. shivaye feeds meals to her. she says i will have it. he says your wound is still fresh, until it gets excellent, you may have food by way of my palms, what happened, is it spicy. she says its sweet. he tastes food to see. she cries and says nobody cared for me a lot, after I got unwell in youth, i used to sleep without having food, there has been no person to scold me and make me have meals. he says that’s why i informed you, guide perhaps wanted or not, but every person needs a associate, i can always feed you this manner. she says you want me to get unwell. he says you continually suppose wrong, promise me you won’t do such stunts again. she says you furthermore mght promise me. he says why, i m shivaye and can do anything, i will virtually do it due to the fact you’re my… she asks obligation, proper, then even you’re my obligation, our relation is abnormal, it started out with breaking things and these days we’re damaged, i will feed you. he says i’m able to have it. she asks him to have it. he eats meals and says its top. they have food. pinky sees them.

Its morning, shakti talks to a person and says discover in which is kamini, my family participants should no longer understand i requested you to find kamini. anika wakes up and sees shivaye. she continues her hand to dam daylight falling on his face. she thinks there need to be some use to wake up early. she takes bath and is derived. she sprinkles the water from her wet hair on his face. he wakes up and shouts panika, what are you doing. she asks him not to destroy her name. he says you always throw water on me. she asks why are you indignant, i’ve simply positioned some water. she jokes. she says you continually awaken indignant, i notion you’ll wake up with accurate temper. he asks did you watched you will throw water on me and my temper will get pleasant. she says i just felt so, its nonsense shown in movies, while heroine throws water on hero like this, he sings a tune.

He asks her no longer to observe hindi films, just watch hollywood films. she says i don’t watch such movies, heroines are shameless, they have residence and car, and no money to buy clothes. he says its vain to talk to you. she says even its useless to speak to you. he asks why did you stand up early. she says you’ve got problem with everything, you obtain sour having black coffee. he says you felt candy last night time. she says that’s the component, its difficult to understand you. he says i can explain. she is going away and receives ready. he asks are you going somewhere. she says yes, don’t ask me for what work, i won’t say. he says then even i won’t say it. she says i recognise wherein you’re going. rudra informed me you’re stepping into actual property assembly. he says rudra does now not digest anything, inform me where are you going. she says to make my temper higher. she is going. pinky sees her and says wherein did she pass. maid says guru ji has come.

Pinky and shakti smile seeing guru ji. shakti says you probably did appropriate to come back right here. guru ji asks why did you call me. pinky says its shivaye’s 33rd birthday, we were thinking to preserve puja, it must have took place after his birthday, many troubles came on him, we notion hassle is coming as we did now not maintain puja, do puja next week. shakti says there may be a request, we need anika’s name to get protected in kulgotra patri, as you realize our own family had this tradition to consist of bahu’s call in kulgotra. guru ji says certain, i have been maintaining that money owed, what’s her name. pinky says anika. guru ji says supply me her mother and father name, family call, kundli. shakti says we don’t know, we will ask her and let you know. pinky thinks shakti is harmless, anika will say if she knows, shivaye forgot name, blood and circle of relatives because of anika, this is the way to remind him, see anika how i make him out of your clutches. she is going to call shivaye.

Shivaye asks anika to provide record. he realizes and says she isn’t always here, i have to discover it myself. he does now not get document and says i always ask her not to move my matters, i can call her and ask, however no, she fought and went, i m now not going to name her, however i won’t get report then, hold ego on side and get in touch with her, whilst she tells approximately document, i can cease call. he calls her.

Anika is in chawl. she does no longer answer. he says a lot mind-set. pinky comes and asks shivaye to come, guru ji has come and desires to speak approximately gotrapatri. he says i have to cross for imp assembly. she says it’s going to take few mins, come. anika says shivaye receives angry once I speak of him, i need to find out who is he, he has some different purpose than money, there may be something which he is aware of and we did not recognise. she asks a few people approximately mahi. she asks them to help. the man asks what’s his call. she says don’t recognize. the person asks how does he appearance, describe him. she receives shivaye’s name and says he looks as if him. he asks her to reply name and meet. she says he simply seems like him. the person asks is he twin. she says no, simply face is equal, did you see a person searching like him. the man says everybody is aware of him, he fights with people every day, he is not at one place. she says however there could be a few area. the man laughs and asks his house?

Pinky asks guru ji to invite shivaye about anika, she isn’t always at domestic. guru ji says got kulgotra puja and patri, i need complete data about your spouse. shivaye says simply anika can inform you, i m getting past due mother, ask her whilst she comes. pinky says don’t know when will she come, guru ji received’t wait, tell her parents’ name and gotra. he says anika will come and inform. she says but we don’t know whilst will she come. he says puja isn’t always nowadays, why are you getting so impatient. shakti says why are you getting disillusioned, pinky is right, it takes time to make patri. shivaye says i don’t recognise, while she comes, ask her. pinky says name her and ask. he says i referred to as, she is busy. she says if you don’t understand her dad and mom’ name, inform her surname, guru ji will find out, don’t you recognize her surname, don’t say you don’t understand her surname, we realize call, blood and family matter a lot to you, you married anika, you would understand her circle of relatives, she does now not belong to rich circle of relatives, however the human beings could be precise and decent.

Last Part of Ishqbaaz 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Pinky says you used to say a person is understood by way of his own family, now anika’s call will get linked to your name, your youngsters and their children must realize anika’s own family, what’s her background. he says enough, don’t you understand, i told you to ask anika, however equal query again and again. she asks why are you indignant, i just requested your wife’s surname, excellent don’t say, i’m able to ask anika’s brother. she sees sahil and calls him out, asking do you realize your dad and mom’ call, tell their call and gotra/ clan. he asks what are you doing, don’t drag him, sahil move. sahil goes. she asks in which are you going. he says i m happening work. she asks are you going with out pronouncing anika’s surname, atleast say that. he appears on.

Precap: Anika says there may be no one right here. mahi keeps knife at her neck and asks who’re you. she says little need to behave like shivaye, you attempted to take my husband’s vicinity, i want to you why did you do that and on whose pronouncing, and who’re you.

Update Credit To: Aneeta

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