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Ishqbaaz 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Ishqbaaz 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Ishqbaaz 27th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

Soumya calls out shivaye. she sees the lens on his cheek and his eyes. she gets greatly surprised. he says some thing is incorrect. he sees himself and says it means she were given to realize i m not actual shivaye. he runs after her. she goes to anika and says shivaye isn’t always shivaye, do some thing. she receives taken aback seeing….. a while earlier than, soumya sees the glowing aspect within the vase and says its the jewelry. fake shivaye says the own family is not at home, i m now not frightened of all and sundry, but being cautious is vital for fitness. soumya comes downstairs. he selections necklaces from the vase. soumya holds a necklace. he turns and gets greatly surprised.

Soumya gets greatly surprised seeing him. he gets up. he thinks what is she doing here, what excuse shall i make. she says you, that is equal earrings by which large trouble passed off, why did you no longer tell every person if you knew approximately it. he says i have stored this here, i understand you are stunned. she says you probably did no longer tell everyone, why, pinky got insulted because of this earrings. he thinks i desired that to occur. he says i was helpless to do that, don’t ask me what become it, i did this for my family, specifically priyanka, accept as true with me, its for circle of relatives. she says of direction i consider you, i m positive there might be a motive, you don’t do whatever that isn’t right for family.

  • He asks did you now not move temple. she says i had to finish assignments, i used to be going now. he says you should go, soumya don’t tell this to every body, its for family. she says don’t worry. she goes and steps on a telephone. she says its anika’s phone. she calls him out. he turns. she gets bowled over seeing a lens under his eyes, and each his eyes colour mismatch. he asks what happened. she says nothing. he thinks what befell to her. she thinks he is not shivaye, he is faux shivaye, i have to tell every person. he thinks some thing is inaccurate. he turns and sees himself within the glass. he choices the lens and receives greatly surprised. he says it manner she were given to recognise i m no longer actual shivaye. abruptly, lighting start flickering. he makes a horrible pose and offers a glance to her. she receives tensed and turns to move. he calls her out. he walks to her and earlier than he ought to keep her, she starts offevolved walking.

He walks after her. she falls on the steps. he shouts forestall, don’t dare to tell this to all and sundry. she asks who’re you, what are you doing here, what did you do with shivaye. he holds her leg and says close up, i have no enmity with you, you did not see some thing, in case you open mouth, you’ll be in state like shivaye. she says i’m able to tell all people. she runs upstairs. he runs after her.

Anika and dadi come temple. anika says i think i forgot my smartphone, till puja arrangements are completed, i will get my cellphone and also get soumya alongside. dadi asks her to come soon. anika leaves inside the car. soumya runs within the hall. faux shivaye follows. anika comes domestic. soumya throws vase at him. anika is going upstairs.

Soumya sees shivaye’s room open and runs inner. the telephone drops. soumya falls down. she runs saying anika bhabhi, shivaye isn’t shivaye, he is an imposter, his one eye is black, do something. she turns her and gets stunned seeing kamini. fake shivaye looks on. anika remains on the staircase.

Soumya sees faux shivaye and kamini. he walks to her. kamini breaks a pitcher bottle on soumya’s head. soumya looks at her and drops down. he says you made access on proper time maa and touches her feet to take advantages. kamini says how are you so vain, you spoiled this plan, my fate is horrific to provide beginning to an vain son such as you. he says once I did right, you did not pat my shoulder. she says enough of nonsense, do something of this girl. they listen footsteps. she says i assume a person is coming. anika enters the room. faux shivaye and kamini conceal along side soumya. anika hears her smartphone ringing and finds it. she sees incoming name and says its equal number, from which i m getting name time and again. shivaye says anika, its me shivaye. she says shivaye, from which quantity are you calling me, whats up…. he says listen to me.

Kamini asks how did anika get shivaye’s call. faux shivaye says how might i recognize. she says who is aware of then, do something else she will be able to understand you aren’t shivaye. anika says say, i m listening. shivaye says i m…. the decision disconnects. he exams and says battery had to get dead right now, how to talk to anika. anika says call disconnected. faux shivaye and kamini get relieved. anika says what changed into the matter that shivaye known as me from other variety, i can call back, its not connecting, when he comes lower back, i will ask what was the work. kamini movements. anika stops and sees the curtain. she goes to look. maid comes and anika stops. maid says catering man referred to as on landline, as you had been not receiving, he had to speak. anika says name him tomorrow, where is soumya. maid says don’t know. anika says nice, move, i will ask soumya, if her work were given over, i can take her along.

  • Faux shivaye says she is so heavy and makes soumya lie down. he says what’s taking place with my destiny, i get stuck and get stored. kamini says don’t understand, but my destiny is terrible that an unfortunate guy is born to me, go and manage anika, discover how she were given shivaye’s call. he says what shall i do of this tomato. she says any other trouble. he says i’m able to deposit her underground. she says i will control her, you see anika, what befell. he says she is heavy. she asks him to move, make eye first-rate. he covers his eye and is going.

Anika says in which did soumya do, she is not in room, she is not answering name. she asks servant did you spot soumya. he says yes, i noticed her speaking to shivaye. she says first-class, go. she sees fake shivaye and calls him out. she asks what’s occurring, what goes on. he appears at her.
Precap: anika says shivaye, inform me wherein is soumya. he says in my pocket. she says i’ve simply one manner to cool your anger. she throws water on him. he gets angry and holds her neck asking is she mad. she gets shocked. she shouts did i throw water for the first time, i have thrown water normally, you by no means held my neck this way.


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