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Ishqbaaz 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Ishqbaaz 30th March 2017 Written Episode Updates. Ishqbaaz 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update.


Mahi says you probably did not sleep until overdue today, you woke up early. rudra says i used to be slumbering till now, i woke up now. anika says you attempted to cover, however lie has make 2rd tries, but truth comes out. mahi dances with all people on balam pichkari…. some time before, anika asks shivaye are you pleasant. he says not anything took place to me. she says let me see, you don’t recognise i was getting bad mind, if some thing came about to you… he says not anything can happen to me, i advised you shivaye’s life can’t move without problems, why are you crying. she says but how did you get out of there. he says once I referred to as you, we could not communicate, as cellphone battery got useless, i concept i can’t pop out and meet you all.


Fb suggests shivaye sees some device, and throws water at the electricals. he says i knew emf installation by way of them will deactivated through quick circuit, i had much less time and ran away, you asked khanna to trace the variety, when I came out, khanna become already there, thanks to you, my life were given saved. she says no want to thank, i did no longer keep yours, but my existence, if anything befell to you, i… she turns. he holds her hand and prevents her. ishq hai aansu…..plays….. he holds her near. she smiles.

They keep each different. he holds her bangles and sees her. he kisses on her brow. he says anika, how did you realize i was in hassle. she remembers mahi. he says we did now not even talk. she says the morning you went to delhi, i were given a completely awful dream, i’ve visible your aircraft catching fire, i felt something changed into incorrect, the entirety was pleasant, anybody stated its my phantasm, my heart became now not agreeing, i used to be feeling michmichi, i understood you’re in a few hassle, i’m able to now not depart that replica, he is fooling us, how dare he becomes you, sso, come with me, i’m able to beat him, we will beat him. he says chill out my jhansi ki rani. she says no, i can destroy his mouth with my new slipper, then i will send him to police, i’m able to ask police to beat him. he says loosen up. she asks relax, include me.


He says concentrate, we are able to not deliver him to police or confront him. she asks why. he says we can locate who is he, why and on whose saying he’s doing this, its not small thing to hijack non-public jet and kidnap shivaye singh oberoi, i m positive he is not alone, some humans are in the back of who’re powerful, i need to recognize i m his goal or my whole family, its 2min work to send him to jail, however we will’t attain mastermind. she asks what shall we do. he says we need to discover why he have become shivaye, who’s he, who is his circle of relatives, his weak point, his electricity, for that, i need your support, include me. they go away.


Mahi performs mouth organ from night to morning. he sees the dawn and leaves. he comes domestic gambling mouth organ. kamini says simply play this all existence, wherein have been you all night time, you have to move oberoi mansion, you need to do something of soumya or not. facebook suggests kamini hides soumya and covering her in some fabric. she says you’ll be right here till i suppose what to do of yours. facebook ends. he says i used to be going there. she says good, nothing will happen by 10 crores bangles, we need to get large issue. he says you want cash, i want something else. she says as of now, get what i want. he nods.


Mahi comes to oberoi residence. lighting get on. rudra comes. mahi thinks how did pahelwan awaken so quickly nowadays. mahi says you probably did now not sleep till overdue today, you woke up early. rudra says i used to be sound asleep until now, i woke up now. pinky says what did you observed, we gained’t recognise something. dadi says my eyes have become susceptible, but i m not blind that i can’t see, you did which nobody idea. anika comes and says you attempted plenty to cover, but lie could make 2rs attempts, however reality comes out. mahi thinks lord what 0.33 class destiny you gave me, how did they recognise i m now not shivaye, they’ll no longer go away me. shakti comes and holds him.


He says why are you silent, why don’t you are saying some thing. priyanka asks why don’t you assert. mahi says i… rudra says i recognize you will lie, however no need now, because truth has come out. anika says and your plan, all of us were given to know. rudra says satisfied holi and hugs him. he says see i scared you. priyanka says you concept we received’t recognize you deliberate holi birthday party. rudra says we wonder you always, this time you gave wonder. pinky says sure, you gave appropriate surprise. mahi says holi party. priyanka says we know you planned holi birthday celebration these days. mahi says these days, sure, i deliberate holi birthday party, you all were given to recognize, my surprise is spoiled. anika says no, we got a shock. he asks surprise?


Dadi says get geared up, guests could be coming. mahi thinks what a circle of relatives, all of them are chapters, they gave buildup as if my mystery came out. anika asks him to go and change. he says sure, i can change. she says you requested me to get natural colours, i were given that. he asks did i say. rudra asks anika to come back, help me, i’ve lots paintings to see meals and provide listing to dj wale babu. she goes with him. mahi says i did now not hold holi party, they all are mad. dadi asks him to head and get prepared. he is going.


  • Each person play holi. rudra hugs mahi. he says these days you received’t practice coloration to me, i can follow coloration. mahi asks why. rudra says if you practice shade to me, you may be stuck. he sings rang barse and applies color to him. he says i suppose we should drink bhaang. mahi says no, i will’t. rudra says its this residence’s culture, you drink bhaang first, then we will drink. priyanka insists. rudra makes him drink bhaang and asks him to revel in. mahi thinks shivaye is massive businessman and used to drink bhaang.


Kamini comes and looks around. she says why is that this man vain, he changed into going to call me and say approximately soumya, he isn’t always answering my name, i will do it, i know how i’ve hidden soumya. mahi sees all and sundry and thinks they may be in circle of relatives fights all days, they cry and hug in the event that they get time, now they may be dancing like baraatis, whilst do they do enterprise. he sees anika and thinks if i don’t follow her coloration, she will worsen me, i don’t want to apply color to a person’s spouse, i m bad, not very horrific, but what to do, if i don’t practice, what is going to she suppose. he is taking colours in hand and goes to her.


Priyanka and rudra are available between and dance on balam pichkari. all and sundry dance. kamini sees soumya and says she continues to be right here, i will kill this mahi, i said one work and he did no longer do it. she says birthday party goes on, if every person see me. she sees colorations and applies to herself and soumya’s face. she opens the ropes and lifts soumya. rudra makes mahi drink bhaang. mahi dances with them. anika silently is going.
Precap: anika says i’ve to mention something shivaye. she applies colours and says satisfied holi. he says satisfied holi to you too, how to wish. she asks with out colorings. he applies the shade to her via the colours carried out to his cheeks.



Update Credit To: Mrs. Gupta

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