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Ishqbaaz 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Ishqbaaz 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update. Ishqbaaz 31st May 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Shivaye shouts on anika. he asks what’s your problem, why are you getting my mum in this, i gained’t listen a word more, leave from here. anika cries and leaves. shivaye tears ranveer’s garlands and throws him out. some time before, the female asks what call to jot down. shivaye says shivaye and smiles seeing anika. shakti asks shivaye to come for a talk. they go. anika sees pinky. she thinks of pinky. she is going to reveal her mehendi. they all get bowled over seeing priyanka and ranveer coming with garlands in their neck.


Full Details of Ishqbaaz 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update


Jhanvi receives dizzy. buamaa holds her. shivaye asks what’s this funny story priyanku. priyanka says ranveer and i got married in temple. om asks what. shivaye says i advised you, i can kill you. he pushes ranveer. priyanka says please don’t do anything to him, this marriage happened by my want, its no longer his mistake. om says you don’t want to be afraid, we recognize he would have blackmailed you. shivaye selections a vase. gauri stops him. anika stops om. priyanka says he has not blackmailed me, this passed off by means of my want, he isn’t always a horrific guy. shivaye throws the vase. he says he has tortured you, did you forget. she says i keep in mind, he became helpless, he has no parents, kamini raised him, he did what she stated to pay her favors. pinky asks is kamini now not his real mum.
Om says he is liar and fraud, perhaps he said any tale. priyanka says he is announcing real, shivaye knew ranveer and liked him earlier than. shivaye says i did now not recognise his reality. she says there may be no such truth. om says we can supply life and take someone’s life for our sister. shivaye and om get irritated. anika asks shivaye to control his anger. shivaye says stop it anika, none will say between me and my sister. ranveer says no shivaye, its no longer between you and priyanka, she isn’t always simply your sister, she is my spouse too, if all of us talks to my wife in loud tone, i’m able to no longer tolerate. he holds priyanka’s hand. shivaye gets indignant and shouts ranveer. priyanka shouts and shoves shivaye. she holds ranveer. om and shivaye get stunned.


Ranveer says talk to me shivaye, its now not priyanka’s mistake, i got here interior your home, i took priyanka and convinced her to marry me in temple. pinky asks how did you enter the residence. ranveer says by way of back lawn door. pinky says its always locked, it means someone has got him inside. shivaye asks who have permit him in. he shouts khanna. he asks him to get again garden cctv pictures right away. they see the photos. they see ranveer taking priyanka. shivaye asks khanna to rewind. they see anika.


Shivaye says anika…. pinky smiles. he asks did you pass in lawn. anika sees pinky smiling. pinky says no, why will anika do that, did anika get ranveer in. shivaye says mother please wait. anika says i did no longer do whatever. he asks why did you cross in lawn. pinky thinks my arrow has hit target. she remembers telling kamini to send ranveer via lower back garden door. shivaye asks why did you go there. anika remembers pinky’s words.


Shivaye asks anika why did she go in garden. ranveer says its k, anika does not need to cover anymore, she has opened the door and helped me. anika receives shocked. ranveer says if you were not here, priyanka and that i couldn’t unite, you proved you’re priyanka’s buddy first and then bhabhi, thanks for know-how our love. shivaye remembers anika’s words. anika says he’s lying. he asks her to say why she went out. anika says i went to look pinky. pinky says see she is blaming me once more, what’s going to i do in garden, she says something usually. anika says i did not mean this, i heard you speaking on cellphone. pinky asks are you spying on me. shivaye says forestall mom.


He asks anika why are you getting mom in between, its truly seen in cctv photos that you opened the door, ranveer said you acquire him in. anika says consider me, i did not do something. he says you always took priyanka’s side and ranveer’s side too, you know my own family recognize is imp to me, you ruined my circle of relatives appreciate, you ruined my sister’s life. she asks do you suspect i will do such issue. he says i have evidence in front of me. she says i haven’t any evidence, but truth. he asks her why did she go out. pinky says she will be able to say she changed into following me, ask buamaa, i was here, anika went, why become she in hurry that she just were given mehendi in one hand and went. anika says i did now not get ranveer in, pinky…. shivaye shouts sufficient, stop taking my mum’s call, continually you get her in between, what’s your problem, i won’t listen a phrase more, depart from right here. anika cries and leaves. she goes to her room and cries. nazdeek hai dil ke…..performs….


Last Part of Ishqbaaz 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update


Pinky says anika did mistake, but she wanted to do right, she is a bad orphan, she would have were given sympathy for ranveer, she does not recognise members of the family, she does not know we wealthy humans see name, blood, family and standing additionally even as making family members, this can’t be undone, we will take delivery of this. shivaye says i will in no way receive this marriage. he tears the garlands off ranveer’s neck. he holds his collar and drags him. priyanka cries. shivaye throws ranveer out of the residence. priyanka runs. pinky asks them to stop priyanka, she will be able to take any incorrect step in anger. om runs after her. anika cries. o jaana…..performs….


Ishqbaaz 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Pinky says do something anika, it will appear what i need, each saas goals to kick out bahu, however i’ve courage and brain, i’m able to visit any extent to harm you. anika says you can go to any extent, however you may never separate me and shivaye.


Update Credit To: Mrs. Gupta


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