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Ishqbaaz 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Ishqbaaz 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Ishqbaaz 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update.


Shivaye and anika have a few end result and chuckle. they dance on hum tum ek kamre….a while before, shivaye asks what’s that. anika says taj mahal, why are you asking me, i can see the equal. he says i did mistake to invite you, don’t combat again. she says i did now not say some thing. he says we received’t speak now. she says excellent. they attain some lawn area. she likes the stunning vicinity. he asks did you are saying anything to me. she says no, i used to be speakme to myself. she sings. he says you are singing in this situation. she taunts that he sings horrific. he says this place can be risky too, we have no information about this vicinity. she says oh, so this is the hassle, you don’t have any information. she sees a few berries and plucks. she eats and says i m very hungry.


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He asks do you understand what’s this, it is able to be toxic. she says its fruit, tree can’t have info on it. she makes him devour it and asks how is it. he says its exactly like we get in grocery store. she says even supermarkets get it from bushes, this is fresh, have more, i can pluck more. he says deliver me more. she offers him. she laughs. he asks why are you giggling. she says due to the fact i want to, why are you laughing. they snigger and get shaky like under the influence of alcohol.
They reach the residence. he says taj mahal. she says door is locked. he says we can wreck it. she asks him for keys. he says give me keys. she says i don’t have. he says i want keys. she laughs. he lifts door mat and discover keys. she says wait. he opens the lock and says you would be questioning how do i recognise, i study novels, keys are inside flower pot, under door mat, so i guessed it. she asks did you come back here earlier than. he says no. she says it means you’re fooling me, tell me with whom did you come. he says i did no longer. she says don’t lie. she asks how are you going to locate the keys below door mat, it means you got here here. he says you… she asks what, why are you scared. he says allow me say, you watched i m that form of man, i simply located keys. she asks even then, how did you find out. he knocks on door. she says open it. they get within the residence.


She says you did now not inform me, how did you understand about keys. he asks silly, don’t you watch films. she throws keys. he says you have thrown keys. he shuts door. he says door were given locked, while every body comes from outdoor, door will open, what approximately keys, keys are out and we are in, anika wherein are you, wherein did you cover. she teases him and laughs. he asks what are you doing there. she says i m hiding. he says i will conceal and holds radio in front of his face. she says radio, we can pay attention. hum tum ek kamre me bandh ho……plays on radio. shivay and anika dance, at the same time as the song suits up to their scenario. he holds her in fingers. she falls on the bed. he laughs. he sits via her aspect and sleeps.


Shivaye wakes up and sees anika. he thinks you’re right anika, i m complicating matters, whatever is among us is certainly excellent, i can try no longer to hurt you again, your smile always stays for your face. he gets rid of the glasses off her eyes and appears at her. he lifts her and makes her sleep well. he sits adoring her. he falls at the bed and sleeps by means of her aspect.


The critical message plays on radio, about prisoners jogging away from jail. its morning, anika wakes up and sees shivaye snoozing. a bee problems him. anika tries to shoo it away. shivaye wakes up and asks what are you doing. she hits the bee and he receives hit. he says its domestic violence. she scolds the bee. she says i m hitting honey bee. he asks do you suspect i m bee. she says wait, don’t circulate. he says its honey bee, i did now not get my medicine. she says what may want to medicines do, could that prevent. he asks who will shop me. she says me, i m scaring it away. the bee flies off. they argue that they’ve shooed the bee away. he says you’ve got thrown the keys, night time surpassed, we are caught here, if door does not open, don’t recognize how many nights we ought to spend right here. she says its no longer a awful vicinity, we can spend our entire life right here. she smiles. he says you aren’t extreme proper. she asks did you no longer see qayamat se qayamat tak, aamir and juhi are misplaced. he says this is not movie, its life. she says you are not aamir khan, everyone have to study from you a way to puncture romance. he says so that you are romancing with me, i did no longer recognise my wife is aware of romance. she says stop this 2 rs reasonably-priced talk, i feel shy.


He asks why, you liked this location. he receives close. they pay attention the message on radio, that prisoners are nonetheless on free, if everybody see them, touch police. shivaye asks did you spot, two prisoners have run away. she says we are caught right here. he says i m additionally getting prisoner’s feeling, are we able to go out of right here or now not. she says once in a while miracles show up, maybe door opens on very own. the door opens. officers come. shivaye asks who are you. the man asks who are you, what are you doing here. shivaye says we got here to ask for assist, our automobile broke down, so we have spent night here, who’re you. the man says we are forest rangers, this is our visitor residence. shivaye says that’s incredible, we don’t have any telephone and automobile, are you able to set up shipping for us. the man says we will simply come. anika says i did now not know my palms have magic, i stated door will open and it did. shivaye says you suspect so, it become sheer twist of fate. she says you don’t need to praise me. he says high-quality, i don’t need to argue, thank you. she says i m satisfied.


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Dadi asks pinky did you talk to billu. pinky says no, his telephone is unreachable. dadi asks her to name anika. pinky says she left her phone at domestic, they did not say and went. dadi says don’t worry, they went alone for the first time, let them enjoy. pinky says they may experience whilst anika comes domestic, i planned such element, anika will see.

Ishqbaaz 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: The person says they don’t understand we are escaped prisoners, we can use them and reach mumbai. he apologizes to shivaye. he says he had night responsibility and can’t pressure. shivaye says its excellent, i’m able to power. inspector stops shivaye and says we’ve to test vehicle. anika asks but why, we’ve woodland rangers with us.


Update Credit To: Aneesa


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