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Ishqbaaz 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Ishqbaaz 8th May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Ishqbaaz 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update.


Pinky asks dadi to explain shivaye. she argues. he says i decided this puja received’t appear. anika says its truth, you are shivaye’s dual brother, i’ve proof, dna check end result. some time before, anika says you took large choice for me. shivaye says for us, if we are able to have bullet for every other, we will have mum’s scolding, what’s there to cry. she says i m happy. he asks this way? she says its tears of happiness, i in no way idea i can see your this avatar, sweet singh oberoi, i m much afraid i’m able to lose you. she cries and says you realize i m not terrified of darkness as plenty as i m fearful of happiness, as there is worry to lose happiness, i don’t know a way to revel in this, i don’t know what lord feels, whenever he gives me small happiness, he snatches some thing huge from me, i m scared…. he stops her and says nothing will take place, your lifestyles could have happiness to stay for all time, i will even combat with lord for this. he hugs her and says you are mad. she says even you are mad. he says i can go and trade.


Full Details of Ishqbaaz 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update

She receives a call from khanna. she recollects having a secret with khanna approximately dna test reports. she says what shall i do now, i promised shivaye we won’t test another’s past, while shivaye took this huge step, should i recognize his beyond. pinky asks dadi to explain shivaye, he’s breaking the traditions, i’m able to’t agree with he’s equal shivaye, these days he does no longer care for family, you inform me, is kulgotra puja imp or not. he says kulgotra puja gained’t show up. dadi says pinky is proper, we should keep puja despite the fact that we received’t recognize anika’s kulgotra. he says then questions will rise up, this puja won’t manifest. pinky says this in no way occurred in oberoi circle of relatives. he says there’s continually a first time, you are wondering ancestors will watch for me to do this puja, i decided this puja won’t manifest. anika thinks to tell khanna that she does now not need to realize some thing.


She solutions. khanna asks her to speak to dr. goyal. dr. goyal says the dnas matched, they both are brothers. she receives taken aback and recalls mahi. she says how can this take place, mahi is shivaye’s brother, is shivaye knows this then…


Mahi calls kamini and says why is she now not answering my call. kamini solutions. he asks why are you now not answering name, are you excellent, i was worried. she says you would have now not called me in case you have been concerned. he says i referred to as to ask your welfare. she says i m first-class as you aren’t with me, don’t call again, else police will realize my region by way of your name. he sits sad and says mum must have not stated incorrect, but no she is right. he says person comes and goes by myself, nobody said character has to stay in world by myself. he cries and calls out to a person. he sits drinking and crying. he sleeps.


Pinky argues with shivaye. he says rudra and om’s wives info may be written in kulgotra, besides my son’s wife. shivaye says it does no longer be counted to me, we gained’t talk this once more. he is going. anika seems on. pinky says he’s ruining traditions for anika. anika thinks shivaye determined he does now not need to know approximately me, what shall i do, it is going to be big element if i tell him, and if i don’t inform him, he may additionally realize about a person else. he comes and says press convention is going to begin. she thinks to tell shivaye or no longer, mahi is his very own brother, will he endure this reality or now not. he asks what befell. she says i ought to go away sahil to boarding college, i’m able to’t attend your conference. he says that’s excellent, its no longer so imp. she remembers dr. goyal’s words. she hugs shivaye. he asks what took place. she says nothing, i simply had to say all of the best for press conference. he says its not any struggle. she says despite the fact that it became a warfare, i’d in no way will let you lose. he goes. she thinks sorry shivaye, this time its about your brother and whole circle of relatives, i ought to meet mahi to know whole fact.


Shivaye receives the person’s call. he recollects naintara. he says i don’t want any data approximately her, don’t skip my range to her. he says i promised anika i’m able to no longer permit her past have an effect on our destiny. he is going. pinky says shivaye is not worrying for anika’s call, blood and circle of relatives, i can make her out of my son’s lifestyles. she calls a person and asks are you ready.


Mahi wakes up listening to door knock. he sees anika. he asks her to leave. she says i got to recognize why you stored shivaye’s life, do you’ve got any answer, what relation do you have. he says nothing. she says blood is blood, i discovered it that shivaye is your brother. he gets shocked.


Last Part of Ishqbaaz 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Shivaye is in press conference. the reporter asks him about tia and shivaye’s employer merger. shivaye says its now not happening, there are a few commercial enterprise reasons, we’re discussing modern initiatives here. pinky signs the reporter. the man asks about anika. shivaye says press conference is not about my wife. the person says you usually stated your wife will be from decent and large own family, we want to understand your wife’s own family enterprise. mahi says anything you stated is… she says its genuine, you’re shivaye’s twin brother, so you stored his life, i have evidence, dna check end result.

Ishqbaaz 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Shivaye says my spouse is from a decent and decent circle of relatives, if now not from a massive enterprise circle of relatives. a female comes and asks shivaye is he his son in regulation, i m naintara, anika’s mum, i dance in bar. shivaye receives shocked.


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