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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Jaana Na Dil Se Door 19th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Jaana Na Dil Se Door 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode begins with ravish and atharv asking did we do accurate performing. vividha says kangana heard you. sujata says its exact i’ve despatched madhav to have icecream with ankit. vividha hears kangana and sees her with ankit and madhav outside. she says i m scared, if she does anything to madhav. atharv says no, she won’t do anything to madhav. she asks how can you make certain. he remembers kangana giving toy to madhav and says i assume madhav is a part of her plan, we have to discover her motives.


Last Part of Jaana Na Dil Se Door 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Kangana looks after madhav. he performs around. the bangle field falls. she says its quality. he gets her bangle and asks what’s this inexperienced pipe inner. she worriedly takes it returned and says its now not for your use, you notice your aircraft. he says it did not crash. she asks him to take a seat. she says your hair were given rough, tell your mum to take care of you. he says my mumma loves me loads. kangana asks is it, wait. she gives him a chocolate and asks who loves you greater, inform me, me or mummy. madhav says my mumma loves me a lot and runs.
Vividha says i hope she trusts our drama. ravish says we should make her certain. atharv says she will conform to us. madhav says mumma loves me extra. kangana calls him out. vividha and anybody listen her. atharv and vividha argue and act. madhav asks why are you fighting. vividha says we are not preventing. he sees ravish in bathroom and asks what are you doing right here. ravish makes him quiet. sujata stops atharv and vividha from arguing. madhav asks why are they arguing. ravish says we are gambling a recreation, don’t tell every person that i m hiding here. madhav asks him to hold toffee and look that sight. sujata sees kangana and asks her to see how they may be combating, maybe they concentrate to you.


Kangana acts properly. vividha says i seemed you sister, what did you do, don’t communicate to me. madhav takes his toffee returned. ravish says promise me, you gained’t inform anyone i m hiding right here. madhav says fine. ravish opens the chocolate wrapper and makes him eat toffee. madhav comes out. vividha says i’m able to make madhav sleep. kangana says he loves to hear tales from me, in case you permit, shall i make him sleep. vividha says first-class. kangana thinks its clean to interrupt them.


She asks madhav to get geared up, i will inform a brand new story today. she asks madhav how did he eat chocolate while he does now not understand to open wrapper. madhav says ravish is aware of it. she says however ravish became now not in room. madhav remembers ravish’s phrases and says i imply ravish taught me. they move.


Ravish talks to atharv and vividha. she says that guy got here to take kangana. atharv says perhaps there was a few connection. ravish says i don’t suppose she will be able to plan some thing. vividha says sorry, we’ve got to mention this in the front of you, knowing you’ve got feelings for kangana. atharv says perhaps we are wrong. ravish says i m satisfied you saved your doubt in the front of me, not anything is imp to me than own family. vividha says all odd matters are occurring, i were given scared seeing all this. atharv and vividha tell him approximately kangana.


Vividha says kangana is making an attempt to get near atharv, she does this with timing in order that i see her, it may’t be a twist of fate. ravish says it way, she desired us to fight. atharv says sure, we need to maintain it. sujata says it approach she can do anything with us. ravish says kangana should no longer doubt that we’re doing drama. atharv says yes, she need to consider us, then she can do mistake, we need to anticipate it. sujata asks them to sleep now. sujata and ravish go away.


Atharv says enough of appearing nowadays. vividha says i don’t want to shout on you want this. atharv asks what’s new, you constantly do that, you scold me, this is the look i get terrified of, exchange this. she says i will display what’s shouting. he says i used to be joking. she asks him to move away. he says i will go and sleep there. she gives him pillow. he says i m going. he rests on the couch. she sleeps on bed. he sees her and goes to sleep on mattress. they smile.


Its morning, vividha says kangana is coming. atharv asks her to be geared up. kangana greets them. vividha initiates a controversy. dadi bua asks what occurred. guddi says i suppose there’s a fight between vividha and atharv. he says sure, vividha usually fights. sujata says their nok jhok goes on. atharv says i must make an imp statement, there’s a celebration in our house this night. sujata asks him to reflect onconsideration on bhoomi. atharv says i realize, its expert party, we ought to provide it. ravish says you need to have told them that birthday celebration can’t appear, we had death in our house. atharv says business does now not run on sentiments, you’re part of business and you recognize this. ravish says i m part of this family too, there gained’t be any birthday celebration, wait for 2-three days, then maintain the party.


Atharv asks what nonsense, he’s nri patron. ravish asks him to explain them, they may recognize. atharv says they won’t recognize. vividha asks him to give an explanation for them. atharv says none from my family died. all of them take a look at him. atharv says vipul turned into now not part of my family. ravish says he turned into my brother. atharv talks terrible approximately vipul. kangana smiles. atharv reminds vipul turned into kalindi’s son, due to whom ravish misplaced suman. ravish says we all realize who killed my mum. atharv asks what do you imply to mention, don’t do something that you need to remorse. ravish says person who says reality does now not need to remorse, i m saying reality. sujata stops them.


Last Part of Jaana Na Dil Se Door 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update


dadi asks what’s taking place. atharv says vipul died, existence received’t stop for him, party will happen, you all will come. ravish asks did you reflect onconsideration on family protection, we don’t know who killed vipul, every body can enter house, say kangana. she has the same opinion with him. ravish says there won’t be birthday party. atharv says nice if there is threat, however party will take place in night. he goes. kangana smiles. ravish and vividha see kangana. kangana talks to a person and says all of them are fools here, there could be many human beings in party, none will know they gave me any other danger, i used to be looking ahead to this night time. she sees the hairpin and smiles.
Precap: Vividha turns to look. someone follows her. she receives stunned.


Update Credit To: Dolly


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