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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st April 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st April 2017 Written Episode Update. Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st April 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


The episode begins with guddi apologizing to atharv. vividha says i’m able to tell all people why guddi did this, she did this as she was indignant with me. she recollects guddi’s phrases. vividha says she turned into so irritated that she joined suman to educate a lesson to me, but she did now not let suman’s errors have become crime, due to the fact my mum’s values came in between. dadi asks what are you saying. vividha asks dadi to say nicely, eyes constantly communicate, words make noise, love is just to be felt. uma asks what do you imply to say. vividha says you spot it your self. she cries and takes guddi to uma. uma holds guddi and recalls her. she says you are my guddi….. guddi nods. everyone get stunned. uma hugs guddi and cries.


Vividha says i did no longer understand the reality before, once I came in this house, i were given to recognize many stuff, i bear in mind the day whilst guddi made chocolate milk as soon as, she used to say if all people liquids chocolate milk made by means of her, they received’t have it via each person else, she said the same aspect to madhav. fb indicates the instant. vividha says i did no longer forget about guddi’s behavior, and her strains, she used to make some thing elegant via antique matters, which wishes expertise, she said this to atharv. facebook suggests vividha hearing guddi telling atharv that she made a dupatta out of her old saree.
vividha says i had doubt that she is guddi, when I heard she stored atharv’s life, my doubt got positive, because guddi can in no way hurt atharv. they had been honestly desirable friends, right shweta kashyap. guddi nods. vividha hugs her. dadi asks are you my guddi and hugs her. guddi says my real face were given burnt with my faux funeral. she tells the entirety about suman giving her a brand new face and new lifestyles.


Guddi says it became suman’s area, i was additionally a part of it, by greed and anger, forgive me, i will’t stay with you all now, you all got here out of sorrow, i’m able to remind you the sorrow, i can’t stay here. vividha stops her and says you’ll live here with me and everyone. uma says after you left, we know how we lived, don’t say about leaving again. guddi apologizes to atharv. atharv says we’re real buddies and friendship never breaks, forestall crying. uma prays for the own family.


Atharv and ravish walk in corridors and think of madhav. they see each other. vividha comes with madhav. madhav refuses to sleep. atharv and ravish together bend to take him. they prevent. atharv says i can take different room, you could take huge bed room if you want. ravish says i already took other room. vividha says madhav and i can sleep in visitor room. ravish and atharv depart. atharv recollects madhav.


  • Ravish remembers vividha and gets sad. vividha thinks of ravish. she makes madhav sleep. ravish comes there. he maintains the water bottle and sits by way of madhav’s facet. he kisses madhav and receives up. vividha asks ravish to sleep with madhav. he says no, its more imp which you stay with him, this odd silence among us will give up soon, i recognize relation limits are changing, i guarantee you i will move faraway from your way. she cries. he says so you and atharv can unite once more, its just a paintings of mind, you each stay in every different’s hearts, while drugs effect get much less, atharv gets his misplaced memories back. she asks how will you be such a nice man or woman ravish. he wipes his tears.


He says i don’t know i m a nice individual or now not, i’m able to try and emerge as a good friend. he asks her now not to cry and wipes her tears. she bends to touch his feet. he asks what are you doing. she says i don’t recognise a way to thank you, you did lots for me and madhav until now, you stood with me as technique to all my issues, you supported me and gave father’s love to madhav, whilst atharv came returned, you are taking steps back with out announcing some thing, no individual can do that. he says when individual is left with out a alternative, individual realizes his real electricity, you stayed faraway from atharv and did now not ruin, you hated him and nevertheless cherished him, atharv did no longer allow your call wiped off from his memory, madhav met right here with atharv, it has a few that means, it manner you were usually atharv’s, you will return to atharv with all rights, you don’t need to assume lots, that’s my work, take rest. he leaves. jaana na dil se door……plays…………….


Precap: Madhav falls down. ravish and atharv keep him. a man says atharv’s dna pattern is taken. ravish says it manner we are able to begin madhav’s treatment when consequences come. doctor tells the that madhav and atharv’s dna aren’t matching. they all get bowled over.


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