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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdayes. Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Updates,Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Latest.

The episode starts with vividha seeking out madhav. she hears the sound. vividha recollects coaching him code to sign he is in problem. she opens the cabinet and unearths madhav inside. she asks what are you doing inner. she tries to throw the scorpion away. atharv comes and makes scorpion away. atharv receives madhav. vividha asks where have been you madhvi. the girl tells suman that you may’t touch that boy whilst both of them are defensive him, how can you cast off the curse, you can see her now, even she is anticipating maha amavasya, if sacrifice is not made, you realize what is going to occur of you. she laughs.

  • Guddi asks what’s your potli doing outside the room. vividha says madhvi has addiction to % garments in potli. guddi asks did madhav get the taxi. atharv asks what are you announcing. guddi says ramkali turned into going to run away, ask her. vividha says no. guddi says this is the time to run. atharv asks why are you pronouncing so. guddi says ask her why did she call taxi, if she turned into now not locating her daughter, she might have run away, i will find out what’s on this potli. vividha says there is not anything. guddi checks. vividha, ravish and madhav’s picture falls down. vividha takes the photo. she says we are able to leave if you assume we are thieves. atharv says its incorrect blame, you don’t need to go. he tells guddi that she became scared and got here jogging to me, what did you get in her potli, why are you doing this. vividha sees the hair samples fallen away.

She takes madhav. she asks why don’t you concentrate to me, we might have won the sport if you stood silently. madhav says she called me. she asks you saw suman once more. madhav says a person else, i m saying reality. she asks how did you look. he describes the woman. she remembers listening to the anklet sound.

Suman comes domestic and recalls the lady’s words. she recollects ramakant getting sujata domestic. sujata says i’m able to’t come. he says you fainted on avenue, i saw you and were given you here, come. suman comes home. she says ramakant did no longer come domestic, its accurate risk to give him wonder. she gets a present for ramakant. ramakant makes sujata rest. he says i can get tea for you, take relaxation. suman sees rakamant. she thinks if he sees me, the wonder plan will fail. she runs and hides from him.

  • He says its tough to offer wonder to him, he were given to understand. she sees him getting tea. she thinks he’s getting tea for her. ramakant goes upstairs. suman is going after him. she gets greatly surprised seeing sujata. ramakant asks sujata to rest. sujata says you are married, this isn’t right, this isn’t always my residence, i should no longer be here. he asks how can i overlook, you have my toddler in your womb, you are not satisfactory, i couldn’t depart you alone, you know the reality, i simply loved you, nobody else, i did not experience love for all and sundry. sujata says you’re married, in case your married lifestyles gets hassle, i received’t forgive myself, i should depart. suman gets bowled over and sees them. sujata leaves.

Ramakant asks her to forestall and goes after her. suman drops the box and cries. daddy ji says i did now not desire to hide some thing, i guarantee you this illegitimate relation gained’t are available in your manner. suman says ramakant loves sujata. he says no, that toddler is ramakant’s mistake, but that mistake may be rectified, i received’t allow ramakant meet sujata, this love story will give up, ramakant is just yours. he blesses suman.

  • Suman cries and is going out. the maid/anklet lady kajri says don’t cry, such matters happen, all and sundry knew this. suman says except me. kajri says you will get recognize of being ramakant’s wife. suman says the woman who does no longer get husband’s love, what is using such respect.

Kajri puts clothes on the string by status on stool. she talks to suman. she says ramakant does not see you like he sees suman, i have seen him looking at sujata’s percent, sujata came in his existence first, you got here later, but you are his wife, its difficult for guy to overlook past love. she angers suman. suman angrily pushes her down the railing. kajri dies. suman shouts kajri. kajri’s spirit comes there at the back of.

Precap: Vividha checks some files and clothes. She reads about maid’s death. Someone hits on Vividha’s head. Vividha is tied and dragged somewhere.

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