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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts offevolved with inspector asking ravish if he has doubt on absolutely everyone, if he heard a person. ravish says we locked the door, we did now not see or listen something. inspector asks him to mention if he recollects any of his enemy, or has doubt. he goes. vividha hears them and recalls sujata’s phrases. she asks sujata about kangana’s smartphone. sujata says i got here to your room with cellphone after which ravish came there. atharv says cellphone may be in our room. they look for phone. they all communicate. vividha says who is that ok, whom kangana calls, that okay is in the back of all this, we did not get that smartphone, ok took the phone and was found in birthday party. ravish says we sealed the residence, who can come within the house, who killed bhoomi.


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Atharv says i think a person killed bhoomi in our room, however i don’t recognize how did her blood reach my clothes. vividha recalls seeing shadow. atharv says perhaps bhoomi has seen murderer, so he killed bhoomi and dragged her out of the room. facebook shows the moments. ravish says vividha saw the blood marks whilst she lower back to room, what does this imply. vividha says it approach while i was following that woman in bridal dress, bhoomi were given killed at that point. ankit comes and says medical doctor checked kangana and is calling you all to talk. vividha comes and steps on a slipper. she continues slippers aside. physician asks them to come with him.
medical doctor says she need to have got aware, however its no longer a very good sign, we are doing her best, we are able to wait for her to get aware. atharv says we doubt on her and she is unconscious, all people is getting killed by using a few stranger. ravish says we must discover, who is it. vividha makes madhav sleep and says i can make mango milkshake for you. madhav says kangana informed me approximately deer and bear story. she says you have to wait, i’m able to find that e-book and inform that story. madhav sleeps. she goes to atharv.


She asks what’s happening in our house, bhoomi got killed. he holds her hand and asks did dadi have food. vividha says sujata is together with her. he says we’re scared, but we don’t have to lose braveness, a good deal could have came about if we got kangana’s phone. vividha remembers ravish keeping his cellphone in the room, whilst he became recording. she says one cellphone changed into saved here, we are able to get something from it, to realize who did all this. atharv says yes, however light went, if we don’t get to look anything in darkness. she says we will nevertheless discover some clue, look for the cellphone. they look for the smartphone. atharv finds the smartphone below the mattress. she asks him to look remaining recording.


They see darkness. he says its no longer seen and audible, its nothing. she checks video once more. she asks him to peer, door opened 4 instances, you left first, then ravish, then sujata and me. she says then door did not open, light was coming inside whilst door opened, while mild got here, kangana was attacked. he says it method door changed into no longer open, kangana’s attacker have to have come via the door. she says it means that individual turned into among us in the room that point. he says its now not feasible. she asks what do you suggest, a person could be there. he says maybe there was no attacker within the room that time. she asks what are you announcing, kangana is attacked through a person, do you mean kangana did this assault on herself, no this may’t show up, study her nation, its impossible, a person attacked kangana, who’s it. atharv sits questioning.


Its morning, ravish tells atharv that he reached city sanatorium of ajmer. atharv asks him is he near reception. ravish says sure, but why did you send me here. atharv asks him to test health center statistics of the day whilst madhav became born. ravish asks why, what are we finding. atharv says i’m able to’t say now, after you discover it, we are able to comprehend it. ravish says but… atharv says just trust me, we ought to do that these days. ravish says great, i’m able to test.


He is going to reception and asks for health center records. the woman says sorry, we are able to’t show statistics, why do you need to look. he says i will recognize, but its crucial for me. she says sorry, we are able to’t give such info. ravish recollects atharv’s words. ravish sees the document room. he sees cctv cameras. he looks round and manages to get in the room. he tests the vintage data. he does no longer apprehend some thing.


Vividha involves kangana’s room to keep clean vegetation. she sees a dried plant within the pot. she selections the pot and a few liquid falls from it. she smells it and recollects the juice drink given to kangana. vividha receives shocked and sees kangana.



Precap: Ravish assessments greater information and gets stunned seeing some thing. he calls atharv and says you’ll be taken aback seeing this, she turned into right here in this hospital when madhav turned into born, she became mental ward affected person.


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