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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th February 2017 Written Episode Updates

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th February 2017 Written Episode Updates on lollyupdates. Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update.

The episode starts with ravish telling sujata that he’s going to come at the side of her to temple. sujata says no, ravish will have work. vividha says ravish has no pressing paintings, he can include you, what happened. sujata says i will go and are available ravish.

She leaves. a person is in temple, doing a little puja. atharv comes there along with his spouse and chintu. he says don’t understand why, however i don’t experience the need to return here. he says sorry maa, i were given overdue, will you sit down sad and stay aggravated with me, forgive me. he hugs her and says sorry. she turns and smiles. its suman.

Pandit asks sujata via what name you want to do puja. sujata says son’s call. pandit asks the name. ravish comes and says atharv sujata. she sees vividha, ravish and madhav. he says you kept puja for atharv, what’s there to cover. vividha says atharv is on your heart.

Ravish says reality is you’re his mum and he is your son, members of the family don’t ruin like this, he is atharv sujata. atharv says who wishes father’s call, my identification is via you, suman’s son raghav, raghav suman. suman smiles and asks them to come back and sit in puja. atharv sits in puja.

Ravish asks pandit to do puja. both suman and sujata do the puja. vividha thinks of atharv, and thinks i’ve long past thru plenty, however lord did desire on me with the aid of making ravish my guide, thanks lord. atharv thinks i don’t realize how my life started out and in which am i now, i have just those four years recollections, i m fortunate to get such own family, they supported me in getting such memories, they gave me love and had endurance, thank god i simply lost recollections, now not own family.

He receives a flower from devi idol and goes to suman, announcing anything is given to me is by you. he gives her the flower. suman says don’t provide this flower to me, give this for your wife. he says you are the whole lot for me and my wife, hold this flower. suman smiles. he gets laddoo prasad. suman says i saved fast for you, supply it, i can have it later. he smiles and holds his wife. suman appears on.

Uma and dadi cut veggies. ravish, vividha and madhav come home. uma says meals is ready. vividha asks madhav to forestall having sweets, his teeth will get bad. ravish says its great, i m there for him. ankit comes home. uma says you had to come back in 3 days and took 3 weeks. dadi taunts ankit. vividha scolds ankit and says ravish lined up your interview, and you ashamed us with the aid of not coming. ankit says it became my buddy’s marriage. all and sundry scold ankit. ankit argues. ravish says loosen up, i can agenda interview again. uma says leave it ravish. he says he should get danger to change. ankit goes to freshen up. a few humans come to meet ravish.

Suman, chintu, atharv and his wife come again to vashisht residence. kalindi, bhoomi and vipul look on and go away. atharv asks suman are you high-quality. suman says yes. atharv takes water for her. suman liquids water and says i can move and relaxation, i will sense better. atharv asks did suman constantly stay vulnerable. his wife says yes, her life turned into tough, she raised you all by myself, you realize him, she does not like displaying herself weak. he says i can’t imagine how many troubles she has faced and what number of sacrifices she gave, i simply need antique sorrows break out. she says i realize you love suman, what’s that marvel. he says permit time come, i can say, have patience. he goes to exchange.

The humans argue with ravish over dairy commercial enterprise. dadi asks the man to speak with manners. ravish says youngster did mischief, i m sorry. the person says no child does not do mischief, you taught him to destroy our solid. madhav says papa did now not tell me something, i m enough for you all. he stares at the guys.

The man says wow, you gave first rate values for your son to speak like this. ravish says i will’t pay attention a phrase against my son. the man asks what will you do. vividha stops them. the man provokes ravish. ravish asks the person to talk peacefully. madhav pushes the man and says its my stable. the person pushes madhav down. ravish angrily holds the man’s neck.

Atharv comes to suman. he asks what came about, are you sick. he assessments and says you have no fever, why are you feeling bloodless. she says cold does not suit you. he asks her to come back, we are able to go to physician. she refuses. his spouse comes and says suman feels bloodless, i can get soup for her, you had to do work, come, allow her sleep. atharv says inform me in case you get ill. suman says fine, move and do your work. atharv leaves. suman calls out his spouse, guddi and asks her to close door. guddi smiles.

suman and guddi argue. suman says if i did no longer do making plans, suppose what would have planned of you, suppose i did drama of your loss of life and gave you a brand new lifestyles

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