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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update on lollyupdates. Jaana Na Dil Se Door 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update latest. Jaana Na Dil Se Door 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with suman trying to hypnotize madhav. vividha wakes up and tells ravish that madhav is not there. they all look for madhav. suman says madhav is right here and gets him in snoozing state. she lies to them and says madhav got here out in sleep and i saw him roaming in hall. vividha thank you suman. ravish asks suman to sleep. suman thinks this paintings did no longer show up nowadays due to vividha. vividha and ravish take madhav.

Guddi calls suman. suman asks why did you call me. guddi says raghav were given same dream once more. suman asks how will you say this. guddi says he informed me it changed into same dream, he is calling me the which means and lots of other things. sujata prays for atharv. she says i know anywhere he is, he is satisfactory, shield my son, be with him. suman says this is not excellent sign that he’s recalling his past, madhav doubting on me. guddi asks how is this connected, atharv’s dream and madhav’s doubt. suman says madhav, atharv, vividha and ravish’s fate is hooked up, i m seeking to write their fate as i need, else we can lose the whole thing, you double the powder dose in atharv’s food.

Suman is going to ankit to wake him up. vividha comes there. suman covers up ankit. she says i used to be not feeling sleepy and idea to make tea, i noticed ankit and protected him with blanket so that he does not trap bloodless. vividha says i’m able to make tea.

Its morning, guddi is going to feature a few medication in atharv’s food. she calls every person for breakfast. atharv and anyone come for breakfast. atharv says chole in breakfast, i can have some culmination. guddi insists him to have chole bhature. vipul says we’re here to eat grass. chintu asks atharv to have chole and then exercising in health club. atharv takes a few chole. he tells them that gym reduces individual’s weight by means of 30% and the rest 70% is just via food plan. he eats chole and stops. guddi asks what passed off, is it no longer desirable. atharv says no, its quality.

Atharv gets dizzy. he sees something in kitchen and receives lower back. guddi asks what passed off, are you high-quality. atharv says i m excellent and sits lower back.

Madhav asks vividha to see, he can drive cycle quicker than a airplane. sujata tells anybody that she has met ramanand ji, he said he’s going to come our home and give us darshan, he might be coming any second. ramanand comes there. ravish and everyone see him.

Sujata tells ramanand that suman heard your pravachan in haridwar, she praises you plenty, come take a seat. he appears on the house. suman comes there. sujata asks suman to satisfy ramanand ji. suman greets him. she says i used to stand a long way, he could have now not seen me amongst thousands of devotees. ramanand stops suman and asks her no longer to touch him. he asks who are you…. all of them get shocked. suman concerns and says suman. he says i did now not ask for call, inform me who’re you in truth. suman thinks did he understand the whole lot.

Atharv is on paintings name. he sees guddi watching some show. he hears a girl taking promises from her lover. he recalls vividha in flashes. he holds his head. guddi asks what occurred, are you nice. he says no…… and receives away. jaana na dil se door….performs…….

Ramanand says you aren’t the only you seem, and its no longer viable for them to see your truth. ravish says she is my mum, she believes in dharm and karm, what do you mean to say. sujata stops ravish. she says suman ji is certainly one of us, she is part of our family, is something troubling you.

Dadi says we all are devotees, suman has committed herself in lord’s devotion, i request you to bless all and sundry. he says i must go away now. he leaves. dadi says it sometimes takes place suman, neglect this. sujata says he is gyaani, don’t understand why he behaved such. vividha runs and prevents ramanand, asking what took place, did we do any mistake. ramanand says i can see black shadow truely in that girl, be careful. he leaves. vividha looks at suman.

Precap: Guddi says Raghav’s behavior got strange, I m tensed, maybe he will recall his past, Suman will not let this happen, we have to wait till Amavasya night, where our life and fate will change. Guddi and Chintu hold hands. Atharv looks on.

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