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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Jaana Na Dil Se Door 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Jaana Na Dil Se Door 27th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode starts offevolved with suman shouting out to kajri, asking her to take revenge from sujata’s family and leave her to stay in peace. guddi takes atharv. she covers him with a coat. tantric girl appears on and calls suman. she asks suman to be ready, guddi is getting atharv. suman says i did wrong, you fell down there, however it was no longer my mistake, you’ve got the blood of sujata’s family and get peace. she sees madhav and gets him out of the bag. she asks him to come back. guddi receives atharv. suman asks guddi to return. she says notable guddi, you probably did what i instructed you to do, you may be given the rate. guddi is going.

  • Suman makes madhav stand on the railing. she sees the sky. she says i m giving blood prasad these days, receive this and go away me. vividha says you are not useless, you are alive. madhav shouts out for vividha. suman pushes atharv. she gets shocked seeing vipul. he asks what are you doing. she asks what are you doing right here, how did you come back here. he says guddi were given me right here pronouncing its marvel, its a few sport. facebook suggests guddi making atharv relaxation and thinking suman will hurt atharv. vipul says you called me. guddi says its right you came right here, suman saved marvel for raghav, he’s ill, please wear this jacket and include me, don’t ask something. he is of the same opinion and wears the jacket. she says simply come silently. fb ends.
    suman says shut up and pass from right here. he asks what’s happening. she says just cross. she shouts guddi angrily. madhav says depart me and shouts maa. tantric female come there. she asks what came about now. suman says guddi got vipul as an alternative atharv, maybe she were given to recognise the whole thing. tantric girl says so guddi fooled me. suman says i will no longer go away guddi. tantric female says see her girl, sacrifice needed to take place with out atharv. suman says sacrifice will show up one after the other, if not collectively, first i will kill madhav. madhav says i ought to go to vividha, go away me.

Kajri suggests vividha the manner to leave. vividha thank you her and is going out of the air flow outlet. atharv wakes up. he thinks what befell to me. he attempts to to stand up and gets dizzy. tantric lady asks suman for what’s she ready, push him. vividha comes there and gets bowled over seeing madhav. she shouts madhav. atharv comes close to his window and sees suman with madhav. he gets stunned. tantric lady says that is your closing threat, you have been anticipating it, push him. atharv runs.

Suman pushes madhav and appears down. atharv and vividha run to store madhav. atharv catches madhav in time. suman gets shocked seeing them. she moves back seeing atharv.

Atharv sees vividha and gets stunned. jaana na ….performs……… ravish and sujata come there. vividha says madhav fell from terrace. ravish hugs madhav. atharv gets memory flashes and remembers vividha. sujata sees atharv and holds him. she cries. guddi comes there and sees them. she holds atharv and asks what are you doing right here raghav, come. atharv is going along with her. sujata receives shocked.

  • Suman asks tantric lady to assist and do something. tantric female says you do anything, maha amavasya eclipse ended, i will’t assist you, depart me. suman says listen, assist me, i could be ruined. tantric girl says its all over, you love your lifestyles or now not, come with me, we are able to go away before everyone sees us. suman says wait, you may’t pass this manner, assist me. lights come. suman gets taken aback seeing ravish with madhav, vividha, sujata, atharv, guddi and whole family.

Ravish says maa….. atharv says why are you calling her maa, she is my maa. vividha says no, she is ravish’s maa, she isn’t your mum atharv. he says raghav, my name is raghav and she or he is my mum suman. she says your name is atharv, that is your mum, sujata, you are atharv sujata.

Atharv says she is my spouse, she is my mum and this is my own family, what are you saying. vividha says your senses are locked, i apprehend the whole thing, fact will pop out in the front of anybody, suman is at the back of ruining many lives. suman asks what did i do, this lady did this. tantric woman says she is lying, i m now not a part of all this, i m not associated with this residence, sorry, i must pass.

Atharv says why is she going for walks. vividha says he’s going for walks, its a person, now not a female. she lifts the ghunghat and shows chintu. they all get taken aback.
Precap: Ravish says you driven madhav. suman says we’ve got curse on us ravish. vividha says she is saying approximately the 30 yr vintage curse of a death lady.


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