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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Jaana Na Dil Se Door 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update.Jaana Na Dil Se Door 29th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode begins with kalindi doing a little puja. she says it is simply mine, i waited for at the moment on account that a few years. she hangs atharv by using the ropes, close to the river. she sees ravish and vividha come there. they shout atharv. kalindi asks ravish to forestall, you recognize whoever is going inner this river, by no means comes lower back. she shows the ropes tied to the boulder. she sees the circle of relatives coming. sujata shouts atharv. vipul, guddi, madhav and bhoomi get taken aback seeing atharv putting to the tree department. kalindi says its desirable you got here, you were involved thinking your son is alive or lifeless, today your son will die in front of you.

Ravish says it means you had been in the back of some thing passed off, maha maya, chintu and this curse, you fooled my mum for the reason that 30 years, why. kalindi says yes, it become my plan, you watched a person else has thoughts to plot such clever factor, your mum is a idiot, you recognize its easy to fool her, as she is already foolish, today none can prevent me. sujata and vividha cry. kalindi says i need my rights. vividha asks why did you do that. kalindi says i want my dad’s belongings, not any outsiders/women, sujata and suman are strangers, in the event that they were given my share, i understood rights are snatched, silly suman did the whole thing on atharv and sujata’s names, i determined to get freed from suman and sujata together, i can do that today. sujata begs her to depart atharv.

  • Kalindi asks her now not to return ahead, else… sujata says no, don’t try this, take anything, go away my atharv. vividha says you could’t try this, please depart atharv. sujata says take anything, take belongings, i’m able to deliver anything i have, simply provide me my son. kalindi asks what, you may supply the money you have got, you think i m a thief, i just want justice, no longer your charity, i want my rights. sujata says you are taking everything, we had no hope from this residence, i simply want my son.

Vividha says we all will signal wherever you assert, just leave atharv. kalindi says pronouncing and doing have difference, why did sujata live with us if she did not desire something. sujata says i did no longer come by my wish. kalindi says yes, suman and ravish stopped you, today none can prevent me, i can get my rights, enough of this tale, i’m able to kill atharv these days.

All people look on. ravish asks kalindi to stop and pursuits gun at her. kalindi is going to push the stones to make atharv fall. sujata says no. ravish says don’t make me helpless please. kalindi says you’re helpless, if some thing happens to me, my son gets my property, if atharv dies…. throw the pistol ravish. vividha stops ravish.

Ravish keeps the gun down. suman comes there and calls out kalindi. suman says you fooled me till now. kalindi taunts her. she says why shall i explain you, you took foolishness diploma, in case you did like i said, many stuff would have ended, you probably did now not do something right. suman asks how did you do with me, while your marriage broke, i gave you roof to stay and supported you. kalindi says its my dad’s house, who’re you to give me roof, due to you, dad taunted me that you saved your marriage, while my marriage broke, i used to be standing alone, none got here to percentage my ache. ravish slowly goes out. kalindi says you probably did now not simply clutch my property, but also dad. she cries. suman says i did now not do some thing.

  • Ravish goes to store atharv. kalindi says dad gave you all recognize, i will in no way forget about how i stayed in house, as an interloper. vividha worries for atharv and says open eyes atharv, we all are here. ravish attempts achieving atharv. vividha says you could’t lose this manner atharv, please open eyes.

Atharv opens eyes and looks around. suman says its no longer such, you’re mistaken. suman sees atharv getting aware, i have continually cherished you more than my personal sister. she pushes kalindi. vividha shouts maa. suman holds the stick with throw the stone. kalindi says you’re such sister. suman says i needed to do this. kalindi says you’re usually helpless, you needed to give assets, son and husband, you may stay a life of a servant now. suman says i realize what to do, i don’t need to repeat my errors, i ought to rectify it, i have the threat in the front of me.

Kalindi gets greatly surprised realizing suman’s intentions. suman movements the boulder. vividha, sujata and everybody get stunned. suman throws the stone down. vividha and sujata shout atharv. atharv begins falling down. ravish hears vividha shouting atharv. sujata cries and recalls atharv.

Vividha asks suman why did you do that. ravish comes lower back to suman and vividha. vividha says ravish, maa has thrown atharv. ravish appears down within the river. he turns and sees suman. suman says ravish. he symptoms her to stay away. suman says i had to rectify my mistake, this needed to appear, i waited to change the entirety and take revenge in view that 30 years, i must have killed sujata and atharv the day i were given to recognise approximately them, they did now not let me stay thankfully, i was ramakant’s spouse and became second female in his life due to sujata, he in no way cherished me, i stayed in that house as fixtures, due to this woman, you did not get happiness because of atharv, he become no longer letting you stay peacefully, now the whole thing is yours ravish. ravish symptoms no. vividha and sujata cry. ravish gets tearful eyes and sees suman.
Precap: vividha cries seeing atharv. suman goes to hit on atharv’s head once more. ravish shouts to suman to prevent. sujata shoots suman.



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