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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Jaana Na Dil Se Door 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update.Jaana Na Dil Se Door 31st March 2017 Written Episode Updates.


The episode begins with sujata sitting in lockup. atharv and vividha come to her. sujata holds his fingers and says you got here again to mum, to procure pleasant. he says my thoughts buried the reminiscences, but my heart is aware of you’re my mum. he calls her mum. she cries. she says i snatched a mum from this kind of son, who gave me lots admire. he says suman tried to kill madhav too. she says she did this for her son’s love, i additionally took this step of killing her for my son. vividha says you probably did this via aim of saving existence, now not taking someone’s life, you saved atharv’s existence. sujata says suman changed into now not awful. she tells them something.


Atharv says we are able to wait for ravish’s statement, his statement could be very critical for us. she asks will he supply statement, his anger is justified, mum is mum, i want to inform you, regardless of the courtroom’s decision, i don’t want anything, you all are excellent, i m content, contend with ravish, he needs you each. atharv says but court docket selection….she says it does now not count to me. he says it matters to me, i misplaced suman who i thought my mum, i don’t want to lose you. she blesses him and cries.

The courtroom hearing begins. legal professional says sujata shot suman in all senses, atharv and vividha gave statements, but they may be her own family, we will’t provide it weightage, i request courtroom to strictly punish sujata. th judge says this doesn’t prove the crime executed by way of sujata, that sujata deliberate to kill suman. legal professional says i want to name ravish in witness container to prove the plotting. ravish comes. absolutely everyone look at him. ravish swears to tell truth.


Attorney asks him to tell who killed his mum and via what plotting. ravish cries and says my mum turned into everything for me, she did now not train me to walk, however she taught me to stand all issues with braveness, she in no way got happiness in existence, with her loss of life, someone in me also died. he recollects suman.


H sees sujata and says sujata has shot my mum, but she did no longer kill her, my mum felt she had a great deal ache, i couldn’t understand it, what will each person else understand, my mum was searching out that happiness and became dropping herself, she was going in the direction of insanity, my mum tried to kill atharv, however sujata shot her and stopped her from turning into a murdered, if this did not happen, suman might have killed atharv, she might have grew to become mad in guilt, sujata is my 2nd mum, however she by no means hated me as sautan’s son, she gave me a whole lot admire, greater than her love, i m a soldier, i realize its had to kill one existence to store other existence, it desires courage, its story of her braveness, no longer crime, she will be able to’t do some thing incorrect, this circle of relatives made me feel as outsider, i m no longer from their own family. everybody experience proud of ravish.


Ravish says vividha was helpless to marry me, she never left assisting me, atharv faces many issues, he continually attempted to do correct paintings and paid a price for it, sujata also did such paintings, its case of defence, not murder. he cries. choose says its clear that sujata is innocent after ravish’s statement, so court releases sujata freed from all blames. sujata comes out. atharv hugs her. sujata hugs uma, vividha, mdhav and goes to ravish. she folds fingers. he stops her and hugs. he says suman might be blessing you right now, which you stopped her from leading a existence of regret and sorrow. atharv hugs ravish and thank you him. ravish says no thanks, something you obtain from me, simply hold it as your rights.


They all come domestic. ravish cries. sujata thinks of suman. vividha asks her not guilty herself. atharv asks where is guddi. bhoomi says she left from court docket plenty earlier than. guddi comes with her baggage. atharv receives taken aback seeing her flat stomach and remembers guddi’s lie. guddi says it turned into suman’s plan, i was in no way pregnant, forgive me, i used to be a part of her plan, i showed we are married, i like her and i m pregnant, it become an lie, we had no relation by means of coronary heart and body, your thoughts was managed by means of capsules, you have been residing a fake lifestyles, none advised you reality, i had tons guilt to play along with your emotions, it become tons past due and that i couldn’t returned out, accept as true with me, i did no longer know suman wanted to kill you. he says you saved my existence twice. she says however i cheated you, i can’t blame anyone for my mistake, i m sorry. he says so why did you do that. vividha says i’m able to say. all and sundry appearance on.


Precap: vividha says i will say what she did this. uma asks are you guddi and hugs her. guddi cries. atharv sees vividha in flashes. vividha sees atharv and ravish.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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