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Jaat Ki Jugni 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaat Ki Jugni 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Jaat Ki Jugni 17th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Jaat Ki Jugni 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Munni requests pratap to take her to jyoti’s house as she wishes notes from her. he says chaudhry/bauji is already gift there, she will be able to call him and get notes via him. she says she needs to test notes in my opinion. he concurs. on the opposite side, bittoo trashes jyoti’s father’s goons. jyothi’s father enters with goons and bauji. bauji asks who is he. he says he loves jyothi and wants to marry her. jyothi’s father pulls gun and warns dare now not to take his daughter’s name from his mouth. munni enters and is bowled over seeing bittoo telling he’s jyoti’s boyfriend. bittoo says jyothi became going to suicide. jyothi’s father tauji says he’s going to shoot now. bittoo asks if his hands will not shake capturing his blood. tauji shouts he will rather kill them each than accepting this dating.


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Bittoo laughs and says love is aware of best heart beat and nothing else. tauji says he’s telling filmy tale. bittoo says it’s far his adolescence oath that he’s going to now not let any love story incomplete and if whatever occurs to jyoti, he’ll not spare absolutely everyone. tauji shoots, but bauji lifts gun in air and asks tauji to calm down. he says he has to get jyoti married anyways, why no longer the boy he loves. fanatics are like birds and if they may be compelled, they’ll fly, they have got explain enthusiasts in their language. he asks everybody to be with might be damadji/bittoo and takes tauji. he thank you bittoo for saving his circle of relatives girl.
In house, tauji fumes that he might have shot that boy. bauji says even he would have carried out it, however munni’s religion on him might have misplaced. he offers tauji water and says they may get bittoo out of way silently and munni will not even doubt them.


Munni fumes that bittoo trapped jyoti. she asks jyothi whilst did she meet this boy. bittoo says june, they met in may additionally and cherished in june. jyothi thinks this boy is useful for her. she tells the reality is she loves his boy and will suicide if she does now not get him. bittoo says expensive don’t talk about suiciding. he’s taking munni aside and says this become the satisfactory manner to go into her house, jyoti changed into the nice direction. he name callings that she need to be jealous that she did not get him, maybe she can strive subsequent existence. munni warns to close his mouth, jyoti is her sister. bittoo says then she his sister-in-law and maintains taunting her. she shows finger and says her bauji will now not spare him. he shows little finger and he or she says if he’s scared of her bauji. he says he has developed strain and want to pee and leaves guffawing.


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Chaudry convinces tauji to agree for this alliance and as soon as bittoo gets into their home, they will portray his murder as twist of fate and munni will not even doubt them. tauji says he’s right. he goes back and says jyoti that he accepts their courting. bauji says even he concurs for this alliance and says tauji is going out for 4 days and marriage will occur after he returns. tauji says bauji that jyoti his duty now. munni says bittoo that she told her bauji solves every trouble. bauji asks what’s his name. bittoo says birendra singh shekhawat. bauji asks to name his mother and father, they’ll fix alliance. bittoo thinks if his hemamalini/mom/phooolkumari come right here, she will create any other mahabharat. he lies that his dad and mom are useless and he is an orphan. munni says he’s so reasonably-priced. he counter remarks and tells bauji to get him married in temple proper now. bauji says marriage cannot show up until tauji returns. bittoo says he’s from delhi and came right here most effective for jyoti. bauji says he can live in his house until then. bittoo hugs him and says he is his saala/bil, so he will take delivery of his request. he walks to munni and she can shake hands with him now as he is her could be bil. she extends hand, however bauji holds it and takes her along. jaaniya..jaaniya…music…plays in the heritage. bittoo simply appears at them.


Precap: Jyoti tells bittoo that his grahapravesh passed off already and he or she will show him his room. bauji stops him and says his greeting will happen in a unique way.


Update Credit To: Aneesa

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