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Jamai Raja 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Jamai Raja 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update. Jamai Raja 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update Story.

This episode begins with satya telling mahi that he’s going to not allow her even boost her finger until she offers his infant and promises to keep her glad and defend her. she says my daughter could be born. mahi says not daughter, but son…she says she will be able to get all blue things for him, and says their child gets name from their names satya and mahi. satya kisses on her cheeks. mitul and anupama come there arguing. they inform that they may make mahi devour various things. mahi says she desires to consume some thing else. anupama and mitul argue. satya asks them to bring peace for her. anupama asks are you fooling us. mitul says i recognize in which you may get shanti/peace. satya tells mahi that now his pregnant spouse is getting cravings too. mahi smiles..

Later raj suggests roshni’s p.c to mahi and tells that simran used to pampered her loads hearing her pregnancy news. mahi says my baby is fortunate to be born in this family, i am surely very glad. raj says the whole thing could be fine, nobody can damage us. satya asks servant to deliver pest manipulate guys, then child’s body and many others…mitul comes and asks who turns into god mother of your toddler. anupama says i turns into. satya says he’ll take their test. he asks them to make doll put on diaper and whoever makes it put on rapid, will become my infant’s god mum. mitul makes doll wear pampers. anupama says the way to use this.

Satya says i’ve visible. payal comes. satya asks payal to make doll put on pamper. payal shows them and makes doll put on pamper. satya says contest is over and my baby’s god mum will be sasu mummy. payal laughs. anupama says i told that payal is the proper preference. payal says anybody have turn out to be infantile with this news. satya is satisfied. payal says everybody is watching for this moment.

Mahi assessments her tummy and maintains pillow over it. anupama comes and asks her to have laddoo to get electricity for toddler. mahi eats it. anupama asks him to maintain eye on satya and tells that men distracts seeing wife getting fats. satya is seeing mag. mahi doubts him seeing him smiling. he suggests her that he changed into geared up article about handling youngster.

He asks if your mood swings began. mahi says sorry. satya asks her no longer to choose e book with its cover. raj looks at sid and roshni’s p.c and says your are getting dada and dadi. i understand you’ll bless your grand son. satya comes and says you are happy as my parents have become grand mother and father, and says is he no longer feeling his happiness. He says my child gets his future written with golden pen not like me. he says his toddler will get love of all his own family contributors and he’ll by no means fail and could succeed. raj says whenever i study you, i don’t forget sid. satya asks him no longer to cry. raj asks him to include him.

A chemist comes to deliver drug treatments to khurana house. kareena appears from far and remembers exchanging the drugs. payal takes the medicines and goes to mahi. she give tablet to mahi. mahi takes it and says she will not have milk. payal says it is for baby and says she will love baby very a good deal.

Precap: Satya calls doctor and tries to make unconscious Mahi gain consciousness. Doctor asks Mahi to abort her baby because of internal bleeding and says there is no chances of you becoming mum again. Mahi is shocked.

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