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Kaala Teeka 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Kaala Teeka 10th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Kaala Teeka 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
Naina recollects everything. she comes downstairs. krishan is set to fill her hairline. naina comes and slaps pavitra. she throws away the sindur. naina says how dare you to ask krishna to fill your hairline? he’s mine. he is most effective mine. pavittra says your memory is lower back? naina says why were you doing this? what is your courting with him? thakur says in heart this is a brand new game and i will take advantage from it. pavitra says he’s my husband. naina remembers krishan featuring her for marriage. she sits down in shock. naina says i will inform you why i did that. that point there was no other option. naina shoves her and says don’t name me sister. you knew i cherished him and nonetheless you married him. pavitra attempts to tell her what took place.


Full Details of Kaala Teeka 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Naina leaves in anger. thakur smiles. he says in heart i’m able to use it very well.
Naina involves her room and cries. she says i never idea the sister i wasted my whole life to discover will take my love from me. mai comes in and says you really think pavitra did this deliberately? trust me. some thing came about she did that for you. and i am the evidence for it. mai tells her everything. naina is dazed. mai says if there one individual accountable in all this, that is me. no longer pavitra.
Pavitra has locked herself in the room and is crying. krishna knocks at her door and says please open the door. i can talk to naina. for me please open the door. pavitra opens the door. pavitra says i’ve made a mistake. i shouldn’t have completed this. i have done so unfair together with her. krishan says don’t blame your self. krishna says look at me. whatever took place we can’t alternate that. reality is that we’re married now. and i appreciate this courting. i married you in front of god although i didn’t understand. fact is that you are my wife now and naina has to understand that. i am with you currently and could be with you till my last breath.
Scene 2
thakur is consuming in his room. his telephone jewelry. thakur alternatives the decision. he says what the hell are you pronouncing. he’s stunned. he says had been you all asleep? discover them in any case. he says these sisters shouldn’t recognise that they’ve ran. thakurain overhears him.
chubs chutki and dimpy attain a village. chutki says this isn’t our village. dimpy says shall we call naina.
krishna and pavitra see mahant’s hand in the video of chutki. krishan says we could inform naina. krishna knocks. naina says i don’t want to talk to all and sundry. pavitra says i recognise you’re mad at me however its time to get the wrong guy caught. naina nods.


Chubs says krishna’s telephone is off. chutki tells them landline. chubs calls on landline. krishan picsk the call. he says chulbuli wherein are you? naian takes the telephone. she says are you okay? chubs says we ran from there. mai says is chutki there? chubs supply the cellphone to chutki. mai says are you k? she says sure mai. krishna asks in which are you? chutki tells them the name of village. krishna says stay there. there’s a temple near bus forestall. wait there i’m able to pick out you all from there.


Scene 3
Thakur grasps Naian by hair. He says you called police? She says yes I called police. You should be ppunished for what you did. I know Mahant is out too. Thakur says who will believe you? Naina says everyone will. And then I will leave this village.
He says you can’t. You married me. You are my wife. Naina says second marriage is illegal. Thakur says not here. If you try to go the villagers will bring you back here. You don’t have any proofs. Police will come here. If they do imagine what will I do with your family.
If you do what I ask, I will divorce you.


Last Part of Kaala Teeka 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Police comes. Inspector says who called us? Thakur says tell them Naian. Pavitra says tell them everything. Mai says tell them Naina. Naina says why are you all forcing me? I don’t wanna give any statement. Mai says you said you wanted to give your statement to police? Naina says I am sorry inspector. There was a misunderstanding. He says before calling us next time fix all misunderstandings.
Pavitra says why did you do this? Naina says I was so fool that I came here looking for you. My life has been ruined because of you. Pavitra says punish me however you want but please don’t talk about leaving me. Naina says so you will do anything for my pardon? Pavitra says yes. Naina says then come with me to city.

Precap of Kaala Teeka 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Thakur says that Naina can’t go to police. Because she wants divorce from me. Naina says to Pavitra come with me to city. I knew you can’t do this. Pavitra says I agree.


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