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Kaala Teeka 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Kaala Teeka 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Kaala Teeka 27th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

Scene 1
Thakur involves pavitra and says you act so nicely. pavitra says depart chutki now. he says do i seem like a idiot? chutki is my ace card. naina is on my aspect as properly. you will initiate naian once more if i leave chutki. pavitra says i knew you would do something like this. so i informed naian before that i will lie. thakur throttles her and says and your sister chutki are long gone now. naian comes there and hides in the back of the idol. thakur says you need me to mention i will kill you? i married naina to keep her dignity. why are you doing all this drama? he has visible naina behind the idol. naina comes out. thakur says naian you right here? you trusted her once more and taken into consideration me wrong? naina says i am sorry. she provoked me. naina says lets pass from here. we shouldn’t speak to this female. they depart. pavittra remembers she referred to as naina and asked her to come to rooftop. she stated i’m able to say that thakur is a pleasant guy. and also you shout at me in the front of him.
pavitra comes returned domestic. she sees a letter. pavitra reads, didi they may be taking me close to black cliff please shop me.

Scene 2
Ppavitra comes to krishna and tells him approximately the letter. he says enough together with your dramas. i’m able to’t believe you ever. he leaves.
Thakur laughs and says on call she doesn’t recognise she is coming to get stucked. he has roped naina with a pillar in a small residence. thakur movements in the direction of naina. he grasps her hair. he says i knew your sport. you thought you would make me idiot? enough of it. that pavitra will me killed today. and also you.. he touches her face and laughs. naina sees a damaged bulb and alternatives is silently.
pavitra is running. she trips over and falls on the road. pavitra is in jungle. she is looking for chutki.

Krishan sees the letter pavitra left there. he says turned into pavitra right? he seems for pavitra within the residence. thakur comes and says what happened? krishan says have you visible pavitra? thakur says she became in kitchen. krishna says he is mendacity. i am positive she went to black cliff.
pavitra sees chutki in a van. she runs after in and falls in a swamp. pavitra screams for assist.
krishna leaves his motorbike. thugs see him. he says pvitra.. i am coming. thakur makes a rope of steps. he beats down the thugs. the thugs attempt to stop him.
thakur is drunk. he moves closer to naian. naina is roped however she has a broken glass in her hand.

Naina attacks thakur with the broken bulb. she tries to run however he holds her leg. naina falls and faints.
krishan attempts to keep pavitra. he gives her the rope. the rope breaks.
thakur shoves naina on floor and comes on pinnacle of her. krishna is trying to store pavitra. thakur tears naina’s garments a touch and says this is my proper. naian tries to face up to.

Precap-krishna pulls pavitra out. she is bleeding. she indicates krishan chutki’s locket. he says i am sorry i didn’t trust you. i’m able to assist you currently. they come to the shed and hit thakur on head.


Update Credit To: Mrs Gupta


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