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Kaala Teeka 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Kaala Teeka 30th March 2017 Written Episode Updates. Kaala Teeka 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update.

Scene 1
Thakur says to naina i liked which you agreed to what i said. you adore you cherished ones. naina recollects, thakur delivered her to an area wherein has kidnapped chutki, chachi and dimpy. he goes to cling them. thakur says they came here with you and got caught right here. naina says allow them to cross. what have they done to you. thakur says that’s what i am saying. in case you need them loose you need to perform a little issue. you have got to mention that thakurain attacked you and to save yourself you attacked her. naina says i received’t do that ever. he says as you desire.

His men are approximately to hang them 3. naina says stop. i will do what you say. thakur says you did right. the day you forestall listebning to me they’ll die. he laugsh, locks her and leaves. naina says please forgive me pavitra. i broke your accept as true with but i don’t have another option.

Thakur comes to his room. he replaces thakurain’s med with any other one. mai comes in to apply remedy on thakurain head. she choices the one thakur placed there. thakurain can’t breathe, thkaur says what is occurring to her. mai says i think i’m able to want to alternate the med. i am going to jungle to get herbs. he says please take my motive force and come returned son. mai leaves. thakur bribes a doctor and receives a syringe from him. he says if you inform this to someone i will kill you. he sits next to thakurain. pavitra comes and shoves him away. he says how dare you. pavitra indicates him knife and says god gives energy. you fooled police but i recognise reality. he says reality is that you can’t do some thing. he says naina you.. pavitra turns lower back. thakur snatches the knife and says you concept you could warn me? thakur calls his guys and says is everything okay there? look forward to my next name. he hears a few gunshots. his ment tell him some robbers have attacked the house.

Pavitra knocks at naina’s door and says are you k? please speak to me. naina says i don’t wanna meet anybody. pavitra says i know your arms have been sure. i’ve to talk to you. i’m breaking this lock. she tries to break the lock.
the robbers have face blanketed and that they shoot thakur’s guys. thakur comes out firing. pavitra is busy in breaking the lock. pavitra breaks the lock. naina comes out.
krishna is one of the robbers. his face is hidden. he factors the gun at thakur. thakur holds it on his head. he says shoot me when you have braveness. krishna’s masks falls off. thakur is dazed. thakur says you..

  • Pavitra says please inform me what fact is. i recognize you said all that in trouble. please don’t be silent. you informed me say fact. how will you be weak? please inform me fact.
    thakur shoves krishna and goes internal.
    pavitra says thakur threatened you? naina says truth is what i advised you. it is able to’t exchange if you don’t believe it. pavitra turns returned and appears at thakur.

Scene 2
he says you all assume i am forcing niana however she is doing the whole lot on her very own. thakur says similar to that naina will rejoice her wedding ceremony night time with me this night all along with her very own will.
she is my spouse afterall. krishna says baba shut up. he says in case you don’t accept as true with me ask naina. earlier than i countdown to 3 she will say sure. naina recollects he said that i will call my friends in half of an hour, if i don’t they may kill me.
thakur counts.. 1.. 2.. naina says yes yes. he says don’t come between me and my spouse now krishan. naina has taken her selection.
thakur says i desired this is why you two have been dwelling here. i’m able to kick you both out the next day. and thakurain will be my and my naina’s servant. pavitra says shame on you. you have a wife and also you keep an eye on a lady who’s your daughter’s age. he says you observed i can feel ashamed with that lecture? you realize it doesn’t bother me then why you do all this drama?

Pavitra says i’m so concerned. krishna says don’t worry i wont’ permit whatever occur to naina.


Precap-krishna involves the room and says naina.. thakur’s guy trap each krishna and pavitra. krishna says wherein is naina? thakur says wherein a bride ought to be?



Update Credit To: Aneeta

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