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Kaala Teeka 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Kaala Teeka 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update.Kaala Teeka 31st March 2017 Written Episode Updates.


Scene 1
Thakur has arranged a party. krishna and pavitra come there as dancers. krishna says we’ve got prepared a very good dance for these days thakur ji. he says we could start the celebration then. krishna and pavitra dance. thakur beverages and enjoys. mai receives naina equipped. she says in coronary heart i am so happy your life can be ruined now.

Every body’s enjoy the birthday party even as krishna sneaks closer to the room. pavitra distracts thakur and dances around him. he liquids.

Krishna comes to naina’s room but she isn’t there. he says wherein is she? thakur is available in clapping. he takes off krishna’s beard. he says you thought i’m able to’t wager what you can do? his men capture pavitra and convey her too. krishna says where is naina? he says where a bride should be. pavitra says you may’t do that. thakur laughs and says you may’t do whatever.

Thakur comes to room and says to naian wow. you finally gave up and could do the whole thing i say. he’s taking her ghughant off. she is breathing heavily. foam drips from her mouth. she falls and has poison in her hand. she says i will lose but by no means allow you to touch me. i have written the entirety in a coupon and hidden proof. thakur is dazed.


  • Krishan adn pavitra are roped. she says we should help naina. please do some thing. they see a knife. krishan tries to transport there. they move their chairs. they break the rope. they arrive running to room. naina is mendacity there on mattress and foam is dripping from her mouth. they both get dazed. pavirtra says please name physician. please didi open your eye. don’t faint. krishna says medical doctor’s range is off. pavitrra says mai advised me something.
    thakur is looking for the evidence. pavitra begs mai to shop naina. she says i wont. pavitra says please mai for me.
    naina says to mai i recognise you need o see me dying. pavitra caresses her face. naina says i saw chutki. mai is dazed. she can’t breathe. she stops breathing. pavita says didi open your eyes. you may’t leave me by myself. krishna and pavitra cry. pavitra says i won’t allow anything appear to you. she offers her cpr from hands. naina is not brearthing.


Mai starts offevolved treating naina. krishan begs her to save naina. mai says she is alive. she might be stored or won’t be. pavitra goes to temple to pray for her. mai treats her and says he breathes are running now. pavitra says i by no means said something against whatever you wrote in my destiny. however nowadays i am asking you to trade your choice. store my sister. please chage your choice. i’m able to kill myself if something occurs to her. mai and krishna are treating naina. mai tests naina’s eyes. pavitra falls within the temple whilst praying.


Precap-mai says to naina please pardon me. i didn’t accept as true with you. krishan holds pavitra and says naina is out of danger. thakur says in anger i can smash the entirety.



Update Credit To: Aditiya

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