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Kaala Teeka 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Kaala Teeka 7th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Kaala Teeka 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
naina says i was instructed that i married thakur. i used to be instructed that he crammed my hairline. i don’t recognize and remember why i married him? i don’t recognize if all this is reality or now not. however one issue i know for sure and this is he is a disgusting man. he attempted to pressure himself on me. he has ruined life of such a lot of human beings. he tried killing his wife. i can in no way marry a person like that. what i am going to do is like suicide for any girl but if it saves the ones three lives then i’m prepared to do that. pavitra says how are you going to even think that. you gained’t try this. naina says its approximately three lives. mai says i’m now not so egocentric. i will’t sacrifice one daughter for other. you wont do one of these thing. naina says but mai chutki.. pavitra says we will’t do that. we will’t leave you with that animal. preserve one component in thoughts what you’re prepared to do isn’t the solution of this problem. naina places her hand on her head. she says you need to swear one me you gained’t prevent me. naina leaves. pavitra sits there crying.


Full Details of Kaala Teeka 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Pavitra says to thakur feels just like the guy knew that thakur was looking to are seeking for revenge from naina. krishna says if naina spends night time with thakur it would benefit handiest one individual and that is thakur himself. pavitra says that means thakur is at the back of all this and making us consider it is a person else. krishna says i wont’ go away him. pavitra says we are able to catch him in his very own net. krishna says despite the fact that naina spends night with thakur whats the gaurantee that they will go away them? pavitra says you’re right. i’ve to talk to naina didi. she is going to naina. naina is putting sindur in her hairline. she says thakur married me and crammed my hairline. i didn’t realize he became a beast however these days for chutki i will neglect that he’s an animal. i can simplest remember the fact that i married him. pavitra comes and stops her hand. pavitra says that turned into not a wedding. it was a deceit. you don’t ought to do all this for absolutely everyone. i won’t let you damage your lifestyles. dont’ cry. i am right here with you. i will continually be with you. i’m able to guard you due to the fact i’m your sister. not anything can harm you i can stand in the front of you. she swipes naian’s tears. naina says i want you had now not lost your reminiscence and you could remember the fact that we have been separated for fourteen years and you kept looking for me. and now when we are together you lost your memory.


Naian says i realize that we’ve got a connection. however i’m able to’t bear in mind some thing. pavitra says don’t try this please. they wont leave chutki besides. naina says there could be a hope alive at least. i’ve determined and my selection won’t alternate at any price. pavitra says i received’t permit you to damage your life. don’t do this. pavitra leaves.


Scene 2
all the thugs are asleep. chubs and dimpy see a knife. they reduce the ropes and run from there.
naina is sitting at the bed. pavitra and krishnaa knock on the door. thakur comes. thakurain says i’m ashamed of you. you’re so disgusting. thakur says she is my spouse as well. 2d spouse, i married her. and you’re speaking approximately god? i married her in front of god. naina says to pavitra allow something take place. that is written in my destiny. pavitra says i can even fight destiny. i received’t permit this take place. include me. she takes naina along with her. naina falls from stairs and faints. pavitra screams and runs after her. naina faints.


Scene 3
naina dimpy and chubs run in the jungle. dimpy says i can’t find a manner. chubs says we ought to live somewhere and run within the jungle. chutki says see there, there are small camps. they cover in those camps.


Medical doctor exams naina and says she could be fine. don’t worry. he attire her wound. pavitra says i am hoping she gets well soon. physician says she can advantage awareness quickly. he leaves. karishna tells thakurain this became all a plan. we did that intentionally so naina can fall and pretend to be fainting however she absolutely fell and got bruised. mai says i’m hoping she gets aware soon. he wound isn’t very deep.


At night, everybody leaves. naina wakes up. krishna says naina is beginning her eyes. pavitra says didi open your eyes. naina closes her eyes too. doctor assessments her and says she is satisfactory now. she needs rest. thakurain says this is all due to your prayers pavittra.


Last Part of Kaala Teeka 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update
All and sundry come downstairs. pavitra do krishna’s arti. naina opens her eyes.
krishna asks pavitra to eat. she says i’m fasting. this is the fast women do for their husbands. krishna says then i will speedy too.
naina recalls she had to marry krishna. she says wherein am i? krishna should be waiting for me in temple.


Precap of Kaala Teeka 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Krishna is ready to fill pavitra’s hairline. naina comes and slaps pavitra. she says how dare you? pavitra says he’s my husband. naina says krishna is only mine.



Update Credit To: Aneesa

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