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Kalash 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Kalash 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update on tellyupdates. Kalash 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update. Kalash 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update latest.

Devika receives prepared. she shows janki the dolls. janki says when a girl is married she goes throw the best moments of her life. devika says i will inform ravi after the party. i’m able to’t wait to tell him. i’m so excited. janki says wherein is ravi? devika says he is prepared. he went out for a few work. janki says i want to offer you some thing before going downstairs. she offers devika a gun. devika says i don’t want it. janki says you need it. nivi is in this residence and we don’t realize her intention and what about monty? he is honestly jealous of ravi. we are able to’t take any hazard. maintain it.

The party starts offevolved. ravi and devika welcome the visitors. monty appears in anger at them. janki notices him. manju and gurwinder come downstairs too. manju says devika is so nice. she delivered me this sari. gurwinder says you are very fortunate. manju says i’m here you can inquire from me for whatever. manju says i in reality pass over shweta. he asks vicky what did shweta say? vicky her aunt is being operated nowadays. she can’t come nowadays. manju says we pass over her. vicky says so do i however she has duty there. shall we experience.

Monty is angry. he says bhai changed into so precise earlier than marriage. this is all devika’s fault. janki comes and says why are you here? monty says you cross experience. don’t disturb me. janki says you haven’t any manners. he says i didn’t invite you to speak to me. janki says i don’t like speaking to you either. you are jealous of ravi and devika. higher be on right track on time. or you may be spoiled in jail all the time. monty says i am now not fearful of all of us. move from here. janki says i am simply giving you warning. i can do some thing to store my daughter’s happiness.

A visitor says to ravi we are so satisfied to look you be successful. you came for an interview at my employer. and i remorse no longer hiring you since you were fresh graduate. ravi says thanks a lot. i in reality needed a task that point. nivi says at that time my company employed him because i diagnosed his expertise. and notice in which he took my corporation. the person asks how are you presently? she says i’m happy. nivi says am i able to speak to ravi in man or woman. he says certain. nivi says to ravi i’m very sorry.. he says i don’t care approximately you. simply live faraway from me and devika. palavi says to sakshi what happened to nivi? she is smiling all the time.

Janki asks devika are you okay? she says i simply felt a little vulnerable. i dont’ wanna fear anymore. janki says you actually have to attend to yourself. ravi says what happened? janki says she feels susceptible. she didn’t eat something. ravi says but we must dance. janki says she will be able to’t dance. ravi says why? devika says however i haven’t eaten something. ravi says waiter.. he gives her food. ravi makes her eat. she says why are you not telling me absolutely? devika says i’m exceptional. janki says take care while dancing. ravi says i’m right here to attend to her.

Vicky says the couple that is an example of affection for everybody is here on the ground. all of them clap. ravi and devika dance on a gradual music. sakshi says in heart i am hoping monty loved me like ravi loves devika. he has been consuming all of the time. ravi brings her award. he says i want to tell you all that this award is dedicated to my wife. she deserves it. she stood by way of me each moment. he offers her the award. devika says i’m hoping each female receives a husband like ravi.

Manju says they look so appropriate collectively. janki says yes it makes me so glad. sakshi is disenchanted. palavi asks what happened? she says why you are disappointed? do you omit your get dressed? sakshi says no you look so accurate in it. palavi says then why are you so disillusioned? sakshi says i was considering monty. while will he recognise that he has a spouse who loves him. he doesn’t behave normally. i am so sick of all of this. why he does this to me. palavi says what am i able to say approximately it. i don’t have any idea why he does that. monty doesn’t deserve you.

Precap: Devika is in her room. Nivi comes in and says you have to come with me downstairs. Monty and Ravi had a quarrel. He can harm ravi. He is not in his senses.

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