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Kasam 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kasam 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Kasam 10th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Kasam 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Poorab washes his face because the scratches on his face pain. he was determined to return this ache to tanuja increased by using thousands.

Tanuja wakes up inside the hospital to discover rishi sitting beside her, he slept in sitting positon. he wakes up, smiles at her and kiss her brow. tanuja asks if he definitely kissed her and withdraws her hand pronouncing he constantly find a way to touch her. rishi says they’re spouses, he doesn’t want everybody’s permission to touch her. his hand is going to her damage, she screams. rishi is going to name the medical doctor, tanuja says she is his spouse and their marriage has a whole six months to expire. tanuja calls him closer, he smiles in a wish to get a kiss. tanuja tells him to go and look at his face, it seems mosquitoes have kissed him enough. she tells him to head and speak to the nurse.


Full Details of Kasam 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Ahana comes at the back of manpreet and asks wherein he is going after on the point of tons. manpreet says he has some thing vital and is leaving. ahana become certain manpreet would leave her someday after mendacity her the way he lied to rano. manpreet severely assures ahana he might in no way betray her.
Poorab explains to malaika approximately rishi’s arrival last night time. rishi comes to satisfy him, malaika changed into worried approximately the marks on poorab’s face and tells him to do something. rishi became certain approximately a connection of poorab with the attacks. he recollect the car in clinic final night time. poorab comes with masks applied on his face. rishi asks poorab in which he were. poorab smiles and asks him for some bloodless drink, rishi needs an answer and repeats his question. poorab replies he become malaika. malaika says when tanuja got hurt last night, they had been his area. rishi asks which car be drives, poorab says its blue. rishi asks if he didn’t are available in a silver automobile. poorab explains rishi he isn’t as downtrodden, rishi qualifies he lives with a person genuinely downtrodden. rishi reminds poorab he decided to present poorab his proportion due to the fact he thought him to be rightful. if his decision changed into demonstrated incorrect, rishi singh bedi can spoil him completely.


Ahana involves thankfully call rano downstairs as rishi and tanuja are lower back domestic. rano curtly sends ahana away, she comes right down to locate bee ji doing tanuja’s aarti. divia watches rano come downstairs and thinks rano could do the real aarti for tanuja. bee ji asks them to enter collectively into the residence. raaj asks tanuja if she is high-quality, she replies wonderful. he locations his surrender her head. ahana brings tanuja inside and forwards her hand which tanuja holds tightly. they confront the fuming rano. they pass by rano and naitra, bee ji sends divia to carry chocolates she has prepared. rano brings bee ji aside and asks what this all is, bee ji tells rano she has delivered black magic in the aarti, it will get them rid of tanuja’s influence. she winks at rano announcing she has combined something within the laddu. bee ji tells manpreet he actually loves tanuja, manpreet says he would simplest love tanuja until rishi loves her. manpreet turns to discover rano and rishi speaking to every different.


Rano asks rishi if he’s doing appearing to tanuja. rishi says he would usually take care of tanuja, he’s sure what she is doing should have a cause. rano shouts right now saying there is a reason; tanuja wants to break them all. she shouts she doesn’t need tanuja on this residence, she starts to pant and wouldn’t relax anyway. uv comes to maintain rano. rano says only uv married the female whom she asked. they all assist rano as she faints. every person attempts to wake her up. tanuja tells rishi to name the medical doctor.


The physician inspects rano inside the room. everybody turned into ready out of doors the room. tanuja locations a give up rishi’s shoulder assuringly. naitra says some human beings here want rano to stay faint. bee ji asks manpreet if rano is a better actress, she thinks its simplest an appearing to reveal rishi. the medical doctor tells rishi rano got the equal problem as earlier, they ought to take care of her. tanuja follows the physician and asks about him. the physician says rano’s body fat expanded, she desires burn her energy and need to indulge herself in bodily pastime. she wishes to drink quite a few water as nicely.


Last Part of Kasam 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update


The subsequent morning, divia calls john to get the juice. rano calls john to convey tea and butter for her. tanuja sat at the sofa and calls john towards her. she sends him to make milk shake for her. rano scolds john to give her breakfast first, however tanuja flippantly sends him in. rano questions tanuja what this drama is early morning. tanuja says its been 10 am, anyone has long gone to breakfast. tanuja says she woke up early and found out none of them take her significantly. she reminds them about her previous coaching. she shows a whole lot of dirt to divia and appoints her for dusting of residence as well. she gives the obligation of clearning to naitra. rano argues naitra is a guest. tanuja says o.k., and offers the duty of cleansing the house to rano. every body changed into shocked. tanuja thinks not anything may be a higher workout for her.


Precap of Kasam 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Tanuja stands in front of rishi and says he can exercise to fight along with her. he asks what she could do then. she encircles his neck and asks him to strive it.



Update Credit To: Dolly

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