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Kasam 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kasam 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Kasam 11th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Kasam 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Tanuja tells rano if she doesn’t do the cleansing of the residence she received’t get the breakfast. she thinks approximately the doctor’s cure. she tells rano if she doesn’t abide by means of her orders, she should get equipped to move to store room. john brings the tools for cleaning. divia asks what might ahana do, ahana says she changed into given the duty to supervise and tells ahana to preserve a check in. divia wonders what the servants must do if they may do all the chores. tanuja says they might wait. every body head to paintings.


Full Details of Kasam 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Rano feels dizzy at the same time as cleaning, tanuja comes behind her and kiss over her cheek.

Ahana and tanuja supervise the work. rano curtly watches tanuja devour in the kitchen. she instructs naitra to select up the plates. rano watches john consuming. he involves her obediently but tanuja stood behind her. rano starts crying aloud.
Inside the workplace rishi turned into smiling as he thinks about tanuja. manpreet involves ask his signatures over a file and teases him for dreaming and falling for tanuja. rishi argues he made her fall for him absolutely. rishi’s smartphone bell rings, it become divia who calls rishi to rush domestic. rishi leaves for domestic worried straight away.


Within the room, tanuja changed into disillusioned and tells raaj she feels terrible to make rano smooth. raaj assures that rano is a terrorist, she in no way listens to all and sundry. it’s higher for her to do a little exercise this manner. tanuja says she has been cursing her as properly, raaj qualifies rano is genuinely clear hearted.


Within the kitchen, john denies assisting rano as tanuja could be happy. rano deters him, he goes to keep an eye fixed over tanuja. ahana tells naitra she is indignant handiest because she hasn’t eaten anything. rano calls naitra to rub down her arms and legs. she tells divia to preserve an eye and tell her as quickly as rishi comes there. ahana and naitra visit rub down rano’s arms and toes. rano cries she never did a lot of tough paintings.


Tanuja comes to choose rishi’s preferred crimson get dressed. divia watches rishi’s car arrive and take their equipment heading to pose of cleaning. rishi enters the house. rano calls ahana and informs her panting that she is completed with the cleansing. rishi hears rano call for water for herself. ahana assures rano she could get the whole lot to devour. rano says its tanuja’s order that they must do all the house chores hungry. rishi questions what’s this all. divia says that is what they called him for. rano tells rishi tanuja has sent all of the servants out of the residence for rest. tanuja has made her do all the cleaning these days. naitra says even rano went subconscious. rishi asks why they didn’t name him. rano says even rishi works in step with tanuja, they were worried if he speaks to tanuja she will throw them out of the residence. rano name callings that considering rishi has named the entirety after tanuja they should do all this work. rishi snatches the broom from rano’s hand and is going to speak to tanuja. rano cheers and thinks rishi had thrown tanuja out of the house whilst she became paralyzed, he might do that again.


Last Part of Kasam 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Rano’s words echo in rishi’s mind. he thinks this is it, he gained’t allow her torture his own family. upstairs within the room, tanuja had come out of tub. she straights up, her wet hair touches rishi’s face. he was left speechless. their eyes meet, rishi holds her face and location his with hers. tanuja become stunned to look rishi stood together with his arms joint in the front of her and asks what he desires. rishi tells tanuja she is crossing her limits, and says she made rano, divia and naitra to paintings. tanuja says it’s their very own house, they should do little work for all of the luxuries of lifestyles. rishi says if he works as an md in her corporation his family merits a luxury life. tanuja tells rishi he doesn’t give attention to his process in recent times, every person can do a fraud along with his company. rishi boasts for being the quality enterprise guy. tanuja tells him to plot in opposition to poorab who is his largest competitor. rishi movements and get twisted inside the rug, falling over the bed with tanuja. tanuja stammers if he should do all of the making plans here? rishi tells tanuja no one can take his place, and at the least here he is completely safe. tanuja became careworn. rishi stands up smiling, and says she better apprehend. tanuja smiles in the back of him saying understood.


Precap of Kasam 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update. The women listen rishi shouting at tanuja in the room. they flip round to watch tanuja stand at the back of them.



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