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Kasam 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kasam 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Kasam 13th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Kasam 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Rano confirms smiley if tanuja is saying right, she wasn’t prepared to permit it as the man has played with smiley’s existence. they preserve some recognize that may’t be taken at stake. she turns to go away the table. tanuja stops rano but rano shouts at her that in their circle of relatives one doesn’t trap only wealthy boys. if she desires smiley to marry that boy, he have to first make an apology her. she factors a finger at tanuja announcing she would make tanuja make an apology her the same manner. rishi interrupts rano and says smiley is pregnant, tanuja has done what they need to have performed in advance. it’s an amazing idea and ought to be executed, he sides tanuja in something she is doing. ahana was satisfied. rishi accepts the suggestion and blesses smiley. rano tells ahana she labored clearly nicely in business but should never be a great wife. ahana leaves crying, manpreet
follows her. rano turned into decided to speak to the boy when he comes.


Last Part of Kasam 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Manpreet involves ahana who sat inside the back backyard dissatisfied. he holds her hand and tells her now not to thoughts approximately rano. they have agreed to tanuja anyhow. divia comes there asking who is tanuja to take a decision as simplest ahana is the mom of smiley. uv attempts to make divia recognize they needed to marry smiley to that guy. divia asks smiley why she gives so crucial to tanuja that no longer even ahana knows about. she complains that she cherished smiley extra than a mom, what’s so vital in tanuja. bee ji comes there too and asks smiley what’s there in tanuja. smiley says tanuja understands everybody’s hassle, in contrast to them who always scold her. she involves ahana and says they may be both same, and given her strength alike. she hugs ahana. bee ji tells ahana and manpreet to stay glad as a minimum, it’s their daughter’s wedding.
Inside the room, rishi and tanuja move their ways. their heads hit every different, rishi gives manner to tanuja. she thank you rishi for being her side. rishi leaves. tanuja receives to bed to sleep, and smiles watching rishi’s image at her side. rishi comes out of tub and looking her asleep he walks close to to tanuja. he kisses her forehead and is going to sleep on his sofa which feels uncomfortable. he comes to lay beside tanuja, glad to be cozy at the mattress.
the following morning, tanuja wakes as much as discover rishi lay beside him. she screams to make rishi fell down. she asks what he was doing over his bed. rishi massages his returned pronouncing its hurt badly. tanuja slaps his arm and tells him to decide where he was harm. tanuja says he’s doing a drama, and he or she changed into dropping her existence. tanuja tries to get away however rishi holds her back. she corrects he heard it wrong and leaves. rishi fell over the mattress pronouncing he has already misplaced his existence.


Last Part of Kasam 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update
Tanuja comes out of the mattress to find the house already embellished. she heads to invite smiley approximately her earrings whilst she finds the cellphone receiver on keep. it changed into poorab on the opposite side, poorab stated its smiley’s proposal talks on baisakhi’s day and they are uninvited. poorab says the one on the smartphone is again gone, putting the phone on hold. tanuja wonders who is supplying poorab with such speedy facts on each count. tanuja continues the cellphone aside to look who it’s miles. divia involves the hall but doesn’t attain the phone. rano comes next however doesn’t pay plenty heed to the phone. naitra comes downstairs to desire rano a baisakhi. tanuja wonders if its naitra, this is whom bee ji suspects. naitra walks in the direction of the smartphone, she looks around looking the telephone on keep but moves on. tanuja turned into hopeless and walks out when she watches uv speaking on telephone. tanuja turned into stunned to peer him there. bee ji comes there, uv cuts the decision without delay and springs to take bee ji’s blessings. tanuja was dissatisfied thinking about uv being with rishi anywhere. uv had spotted tanuja there and asks what took place to her. tanuja replies nothing. uv desired to speak to tanuja, he apologizes her for constantly thinking about her so incorrect. tanuja tries to jerk the concept of uv being in opposition to rishi.
Precap of Kasam 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Rishi tells tanuja her love for him is seen in her eyes, tonight she would receive her love for him by herself.


Update Credit To: Mrs. Gupta

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