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Kasam 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kasam 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update  On Lollyupdates. Kasam 14th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Kasam 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Smiley hugs tanuja and thank you her for making it feasible.
Malaika offers poorab a great news that tanuja invited them for baisakhi and dinner. poorab wonders why they have been invited for the dinner. malaika says she genuinely wishes us to be jealous. poorab wonders what tanuja is making plans.


Full Details of Kasam 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Raaj discuss with bee ji that baisakhi is properly celebrated in small cities and villages. rishi comes to guarantee all of us might do the dancing right here and shows a dance group coming in with nakul. tanuja become lost in her mind and wasn’t ready to simply accept uv can betray them. rishi processes her mischievously touching her with a straw. he leaves as quickly as she comes behind him. tanuja warns him no longer to chase her continually, she had been considering such an critical problem. rishi argues that right now she is chasing him, He complains she always think about others not him. tanuja says she became thinking about him…. she corrects she is his proprietor. rishi clutches her mouth pronouncing she owns his coronary heart, one only cares for those he loves. tanuja says a person might even care for a small domestic dog as nicely. rishi was curt about it, then asks why love is seen in her eyes. tanuja denies any love being there, she has no time for his rubbish talks. rishi drags her in the back of retaining her near, he insists she loves him dearly that that love is seen. these days, before baisakhi night ends she herself would confess her love for him. tanuja takes the challenge and leaves.
Beeji welcomes the guests and fortunately watch smiley restlessly waiting rohit and his circle of relatives. manpreet and ahana come there watching smiley worried. ahana says ladies grow old so earlier. rohit comes to the birthday celebration, smiley hugs him dearly. he introduces her to his mother and father who visibly dislike her. she introduces bee ji and raaj, then manpreet and ahana to rohit. ahana invitations them to get seated. tanuja watches poorab and malaika arrive on the celebration. she thinks they will meet the equal family member and she will seize them. poorab asks malaika wherein is he. naitra and rano come from the the front, rani greets malaika by hugging her. rano sends naitra forward as she wishes to speak to them, she then takes them apart. tanuja wonders if rano is the one. she wonders how rano can be, then thinks if rano is being their facet best to get her faraway from her path.
ahana comes to call tanuja and requests her to be part of smiley’s engagement. she need to suppose its her younger daughter’s request. manpreet introduces rohit and family to rishi and tanuja. raaj accepts the inspiration. rohit’s mother says they aren’t worth intruding this communicate of idea, as rohit and smiley have already achieved loads collectively. she scoffs that girls nowadays e-book guys this manner. tanuja says in recent times girls handiest wants to be worried with a person in a relation with some guy and get caught to a unmarried guy, they want to live together with his circle of relatives anyway. tanuja says even smiley were given some of proposals but she denied each of them. rohit’s mother wants to talk to a few elder, tanuja is going to call rano.


Last Part of Kasam 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

There, rano was telling poorab and malaika that it’s her own family collecting, they most effective got here here. she tells poorab now not to come back here, on every occasion she seems towards their faces she recollects their beyond mistakes. malaika scoffs rano is well worth that hitler, tanuja. rano tells malaika she is really worth poorab who is a beggar. malaika name callings rano and her own family have to beg in front of tanuja. tanuja turns to leave and breaks a vase there. they were alert. rano comes in asking if she have been spying on her. tanuja says rohit’s parents are calling her.
Precap: Rohit’s father says in the event that they need this marriage…. tanuja apologizes them as they didn’t know their son might demand any such big amount, they are able to’t pay this quantity.


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