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Kasam 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Kasam 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Kasam 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Kasam 16th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


In London, abhishek celebrate with his friends while tanuja makes natasha have dinner. his buddy demanding situations him $one thousand for 10 pictures of his choice. abhishek takes the mission. tanuja calls him and leaves for domestic. abhishek became approximately to ring the driving force, tanuja says they already referred to as for the cab. he plays with natasha. abhishek’s friends praise his wife to be cool and know-how. abhishek plays the assignment whilst the gang cheers. he heads to dance with a female. the woman gives him a rubdown.
tanuja was approximately to depart natasha’s room after she had slept. natasha asks who rishi is. tanuja says he is not any one and asks her to sleep. out of doors the room, tanuja thinks about rishi.
there, rishi changed into observing the moon from his room’s window.


Full Details of Kasam 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Both rishi and tanuja weep silently for every other. naitra comes to name rishi for sleep.
there, abhishek spends time with a female who offers him body rubdown, she want to spend each day of her lifestyles with him and proposes him for constantly being collectively. she proposes abhishek for marriage. abhishek receives off the bed without delay and hurries to head and get keto pills. he speaks to kerala virtually that he can’t dedicate her for marriage. kerala questions if she is most effective for a laugh? abhishek stocks he has a minor daughter at domestic. kerala says he told her he hates his wife. there was a doorbell, abhishek is going to open the door. it turned into tanuja outdoor, she shouts at abhishek about who’s she and is derived inner. tanuja accuses abhishek of being a cheater and slaps abhishek tough. she movements closer to kerala who leaves the room, tanuja shuts the door furiously. abhishek receives a flash, he sends the message to tanuja.

In the room, tanuja examine a message from abhishek in which abhishek told her he is stuck with this lady kerala and by no means wanted a wedding along with her. he requested her to come to save him with an address.
tanuja was gazing abhishek. abhishek laughs and thank you tanuja for saving him this time, he calls them each perfect for every different. they aren’t married, however the international don’t forget them as spouses. he guarantees tanuja not to name her for assist again. tanuja become annoyed that he gained’t leave this all. tanuja argues with him and says she could just cross and tell kerala that she isn’t his wife, she is only a caretaker of his residence and her daughter calls him dad. abhishek interrupts and forbids her to drag natasha in their argument, he likes natasha calling him as dad. tanuja leaves.
in the office, manpreet scolds a person on smartphone for no longer preserving an account and a single guy had sold 20% in their shares. he tells rishi about the businessman who’s recognized to take over enterprise inside the marketplace, his name is abhishek khurana.


Abhishek comes downstairs and says a good morning to tanuja. tanuja became angry. he apologizes however tanuja says she feels awful about that female closing night. abhishek tells tanuja he were given a solution why he couldn’t marry until date. he turns tanuja closer to himself and says its because of her, he by no means desires to marry.
rishi changed into indignant at abhishek khurana and wonders in which this man entered his existence. manpreet says rishi is behaving as if abhishek is snatching his love from him.


Last Part of Kasam 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update
Abhishek tells tanuja if he receives married, tanuja would go away his international and he could should face a single wife. he doesn’t need to pay attention the anxious questions from his wife. he says he recollects properly while she got here to his office for a job, all of us began inquiring for her number. its higher they stay happy inside the fake marriage settlement. tanuja now stares at abhishek. he ultimately guarantees now not to speak about the problem once more.
rishi tells manpreet to find out the weaknesses of this new business enterprise. he propose to take over his enterprise. and counter the attack over her.


Precap: Rishi calls tanuja, each had been stunned to listen each other.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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