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Kasam 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kasam 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Kasam 18th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Kasam 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Rohit stops his mother and father outdoor but they weren’t equipped to listen to him. his mom warns she might spoil her relation with rohit if he stays here for a single 2nd anymore.
Tanuja changed into involved looking smiley cry. smiley comes to hug tanuja.


Full Details of Kasam 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Outdoor, rano says she already warned her circle of relatives that tanuja only cares about money, she has destroyed the whole life of tanuja. rano changed into prepared to give a few lacs for greed of rohit. she tells rishi to go and talk to tanuja. ahana tells rishi its approximately her and her daughter, she would communicate to tanuja. she tells rano this time no person would intervene. manpreet goes behind ahana.
Tanuja makes smiley take a seat and asks if she knows she didn’t do it deliberately. smiley understands that they had been insulting her. tanuja thanks smiley for not thinking about her wrong. smiley says simplest tanuja is continually along with her, it become best her who stood beside her. rohit’s dad and mom insulted her and the complete own family stayed silent, even manpreet and ahana. every her dad and mom keep in mind her wrong. tanuja tells smiley that it’s far her mistake in some thing happened, but rohit must be blamed similarly. rohit’s own family is so greedy, they handiest thought about cash. smiley understands they ought to have demanded extra cash the next day, they should have disgraced her for entire her existence. she is familiar with they couldn’t have saved her glad in that house, but cries in worry to carry up this baby. tanuja assures her and every body else is together with her. manpreet maintains a quit ahana’s shoulder. tanuja guarantees to convey up smiley’s baby with exquisite love. tanuja hugs smiley. ahana says she again took tanuja wrong and breaks right into a cry. she says she got here to fight tanuja however else tanuja fought for her daughter, she always deter others to interrupt their face but today while it become time she stored her gaze down. tanuja scolds ahana for now not preserving her head down anymore. ahana says even blood family members don’t do so tons, tanuja assures they may be associated via blood. ahana recollects tannu. tanuja explains to manpreet and smiley that ahana gave blood for her, they may be associated with blood. ahana hugs tanuja then comes to hug smiley. rishi stood at the door and smiles that he again didn’t apprehend tanuja. naitra became fuming whilst watching this from doorway. she comes to inform rano that they may be hugging every different. rano wonders what tanuja has fed all of us. she instigates naitra that she holds no region in the front of tanuja. naitra takes the task and was decided to prove she won’t fall in the front of tanuja, she was certain this time tanuja will fell off.
Rishi involves tanuja, she asks why he is gazing her. rishi says he’s watching her love for his family and him. he tells tanuja to mention how plenty she loves him, tanuja says she has not anything to mention. rishi stops her and asks what she thinks approximately him. tanuja comes near him and whispers in his ears, he seems to be a joker. rishi become decided to make her say i like you. tanuja sat with visitors at birthday party, rishi stares her however of no need. he stood at a side, tanuja comes from in the back of and teases him.


Last Part of Kasam 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update
A person involves the centre and calls the women for dancing. naitra and tanuja come to disagreement. rishi listen sophia and rano want tanuja fell down. bee ji shows rishi to hold tanuja as quickly as she fell down. tanuja and naitra start swirling. tanuja notices what naitra turned into looking to do, her hand turned into left halfway. naitra fell down.
Precap: Tanuja tells naitra she might never be capable of take her region regardless of how long she remains right here. rano tells naitra that nowadays tanuja disgraced her no longer naitra. she was determined to educate tanuja a lesson and says she might get her and rishi’s roka.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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