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Kasam 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kasam 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Kasam 24th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Kasam 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Bee jee tells raaj that rishi had gone to mention a no to rano about the proposal.
within the room, rano asks why rishi changed his consent so quickly. she is certain he received’t leave tanuja. rishi turned into certain tanuja might by no means depart him. rano says she knows there’s a few motive for what he has been doing. rishi says tanuja, tanuja were given keep of entire of their belongings. he tells rano that he told tanuja i really like you, she insulted him; he wants tanuja to mention a sorry. rano is familiar with rishi’s sport that he would leave naitra. rishi says he might insult tanuja and would leave her, and makes up rano to interrupt her fast and devour.


Full Details of Kasam 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Tanuja tells ahana that every now and then she feels she is rishi’s tannu. ahana understands that from time to time she definitely feels tanuja is her tannu dee. tanuja become bowled over and hugs ahana. smiley watches them and asks why they’re so sad, else her child could additionally be unhappy.
Naitra tries to run far from the door. rano stops her outdoor and asks naitra if she is shy. rishi tells rano to announce approximately their roka. rano tells naitra to preserve precise care of her rishi and be her facet always. inside the corridor, raaj asks bee ji why she is having espresso at mid night time. they watch naitra. rano comes with rishi who alerts manpreet. rano says she goes to make a large announcement, raaj sends manpreet to call tanuja. bee ji foresee a storm and wonders why are they so happy.
Manpreet calls tanuja and ahana downstairs as rano wants to announce an crucial choice to tanuja, it’s approximately rishi and naitra. tanuja turned into sure rano would pour her anger about rishi’s denial of naitra’s inspiration. they come downstairs to the corridor. rano says she pointed out rishi and naitra’s concept on baisakhi, tanuja thinks she could now say rishi denied. rano says so… she comes to tanuja and says she in no way reputable her husband nevertheless her son is crazy for her, he denied his notion with naitra. he again to her room after some time and confident her that they are able to both no longer stay together anymore. she thankfully broadcasts that rishi is prepared to marry naitra. divia and naitra changed into happy, uv and manpreet smile. rano gives naitra’s hand in Rishi’s. tanuja became greatly surprised to peer this. rano says rishi desires a roka tonight and requires arrangements. manpreet thinks now tanuja could say i like you to rishi. bee ji and raaj take manpreet internal.
rishi tells tanuja he had warned her to say what’s in her coronary heart. tanuja is familiar with if this is just to make her confess her love. rishi asks if she will be able to sense some jealousy. tanuja says she is so glad and desires to dance in his roka.
Bee ji and raaj carry manpreet to the backyard. he asks what befell to them each as they deter him to inform what happened. uv comes there. manpreet hides at the back of uv. uv asks raaj why he raised his hand when bee ji asked who wants rishi and tanuja’s roka. raaj decides to head to tell rishi approximately the fact. bee ji stops him announcing she is sure rishi could in no way marry naitra, for him there may be simplest tanuja.
Rishi comes at the back of tanuja. tanuja says he promised to be along with her irrespective of what she does. rishi holds her dupatta, she tells him to go away it. rishi says she usually inform him to leave her dupatta, her room, her bed; she in no way tells him to stay with her. he asks tanuja why she again to this home. tanuja thinks she will be able to’t tell him the truth. rishi says if she doesn’t communicate this time he would honestly marry naitra. tanuja thinks if he is blackmailing her, she received’t talk the truth at all. manpreet involves take rishi to get prepared. naitra comes there, tanuja stops her and takes her to get prepared via herself.


Last Part of Kasam 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update
Within the room, manpreet tells rishi approximately raaj and bee ji’s attack over him, they want to know about the fact. he tells rishi to make tanuja say i love you. rishi says as soon as tanuja will understand he’s genuinely marrying naitra, she might talk i really like you by way of herself.

Precap: Tanuja fumes watching rishi thankfully get his roka finished with naitra.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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