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Kasam 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kasam 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Kasam 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update. Kasam 24th July 2017 Written Episode Updates. 



Rishi says to himself that no i cant, if she sees me there then she will beat me plenty, i will simply yearn for tanuja and sleep here. Tanu is sleeping in her room. he sees darkness and candles lightening, he thinks that there’s no energy. rishi jumps in via the window. rishi comes in tanu’s room and sees her snoozing peacefully, he smiles and thinks tanu i tried now not to come back here however what to do with this coronary heart? he sits beside tanu’s mattress and lightly caresses her face, tanu moves in her sleep but doesnt wake up. rishi sees candle approximately to fall over tanu’s head, he holds it earlier than it may and smiles at her dozing face still preserving candle near her. he lovingly attempts to preserve her hand however stops, he admires her beauty underneath candle mild.


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In morning, rishi is snoozing close to tanu’s bed, he wakes up and sees himself in sitting function close to tanu’s mattress. he sees tanu nevertheless napping and stares at her. he lovingly caresses her hair. alarm earrings, rishi hides at the back of the mattress earlier than tanu can see him. tanu wakes up and receives up from bed but doesnt see rishi. she goes to the rest room. rishi appears round and springs out. he hears natasha coming there and thinks interior mom and out of doors daughter, he hides behind mattress again. tanu comes in room as natasha comes there too. tanu asks why she is right here within the morning? natasha says mr. handsome, i saw him. rishi thinks that daughter is clever than mom, she noticed me in sleep too? tanu says where did you notice him? out of doors the window? she says no inner, rishi think she will be able to get me beaten. tanu says interior residence? natasha says yes in my dream, ghosts have been attacking me within the dream and mr. handsome saved me, i want to thank him, tanu says you may thank him later, dont disturb him now, natasha says please now. tanu says you are stubborn. she calls rishi. rishi silents his phone.


Tanu says he is not taking call, maybe he doesnt want to speak to you. natasha says he ought to be taking shower, i can take one too, if he calls then inform me, tanu says okay and takes her out of room. rishi closes door and opens cupboard. he brings out tanu’s get dressed and puts it on mattress for her to put on and hides at the back of bed once more. tanu comes there and sees get dressed, she says while did i bring it out? i dont recall something nowadays, she takes the get dressed and is going to trade. rishi smiles. tanu comes out after changing and starts offevolved getting ready, she takes a sneak top at her. tanu assessments time and says i am getting late, i will do breakfast in workplace, she calls samar and says dont come to select me up,
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