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Kasam 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Kasam 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Kasam 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Kasam 27th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

Within the room, tanuja tells rishi she wishes a pen to sign the papers and all his papers, the stocks and this house would be hers. bee ji peeks via the door lock and prays they don’t discover a pen. rano comes out into the hall curt over bee ji, she calls naitra speaking with smiley and asks why she got here here. she become afraid what if rishi melts out of affection. bee ji desire they don’t find a pen. tanuja complains there may be no pen in this kind of huge residence. rishi turns to bang his head with tanuja’s. she asks if it hurt, rishi says a bit and sits on the mattress. tanuja involves the reflect and curses herself for hitting rishi over the pinnacle. rishi says tanuja has burdened him absolutely, whilst he thinks he doesn’t like her she does something… then thinks if what he’s doing is proper, what he might get out of betrayal.

Rishi tells tanuja approximately a reasonably-priced planning against her. tanuja spots a pen in his pocket, she sits to signal the papers.

Rano had come to bee ji and asks if she isn’t ashamed to peek thru the door. tanuja symptoms the papers, rishi thinks he is getting those papers signed only to get his love returned. tanuja asks rishi if he is happy today, she has signed all of the papers. does he agree with now she certainly loves him. she palms the record and pen to rishi.
rano asks naitra why she left them on my own. naitra assures rano there plan should be successful, none of her plans has ever long past flop. they open the door to appearance interior. rishi and tanuja have been standing near, rishi trying to degree their noses. all of sudden, tanuja says she is aware he wants to take his kiss. rishi says girls don’t speak this way, its terrible manners; he doesn’t even think about her this way. tanuja cries aloud if she isn’t well worth a kiss for him. rishi sits beside her, calling her quite and delightful and says he wants to take her kiss. he then holds himself back announcing he changed into talking approximately sharma aunty’s puppy. he now struggles to get his hand off his mouth because it’s stuck. rano leaves the aspect of door, worried why they may be gambling. she despatched rishi to get the signatures. she scolds naitra for sending the waiter with the bhang and sends naitra in the room to get the papers.

  • Naitra enters the room and spots the file. rishi held tanuja tightly laughing they may be each stuck with every other. naitra holds the document and cheers looking the signed record. rishi calls naitra right away, tanuja tells her to come back forward. rishi laughs that their cheeks are stuck to each other. naitra leaves the room.

In bee ji’s room, smiley apologizes bee ji as she was annoyed that smiley referred to as her intoxicated. she tells smiley to go away, as she has some other anxiety. she become concerned to make accurate what changed into now not supposed to be done.

  • Naitra involves rano cheerful and tells her about the signed papers. rano changed into glad and cheerful. bee ji hears this verbal exchange involved, and calls herself helpless. she watches raaj and nakul coming interior. raaj confirms nakul if bee ji is observing him in anger. nakul hugs raaj wishing him success and leaves. bee ji scolds raaj for marrying rano and tells her what rano has done. raaj turned into worried and upset that everything has ended. bee ji says she is truely indignant at tanuja, and should get her over her intoxication.

In the washroom, bee ji throws water over tanuja’s head. tanuja straightens up announcing she is over with her intoxication. tanuja changed into grateful rishi changed into also drunk. bee ji asks tanuja if she has forgotten the whole thing, then tells tanuja approximately rano’s plan. tanuja became bowled over in astonishment, saying either the papers are with rano or naitra.

Precap: poorab involves warn tanuja at some point has already surpassed from his ultimatum. they’ll go through a 55 million of loss then.


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