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Kasam 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Kasam 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Kasam 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update. Kasam 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update Latest.

Rano tells divia that she discovered out naitra’s dad and mom are looking for a suggestion for her, and he or she appreciated her for rishi. divia reminds rano rishi desires to speak to her, he would demand a new chance with tanuja from rano quickly. rano become indignant even by tanuja’s call. tanuja moves on disenchanted. ahana involves the kitchen and asks tanuja what took place. tanuja says it broke irrespective of how much she cared. ahana watches the damaged plate lying on the floor, tanuja leaves misplaced somewhere.

Naitra turned into in the room in bathrobe, rishi comes to speak to rani and apologizes. each apologize, naitra says she should have locked the door and explains she changed into in guest room so rano allowed to use her bathe. naitra says rishi doesn’t apologize, she is conscious he didn’t make this mistake deliberately. rishi asks for any help in admission as he is aware of about the dean of her style institute. she tells rishi rano is inside the lawn.
within the corridor, raaj stops ahana then goes to test the paper.

Tanuja turned into passing by using, rishi indicators her saying he is going to speak to mom. tanuja passes by means of with an disenchanted temper. rishi wonders why tanuja reacted as though she is irritated, he thinks now he might communicate to rano handiest after having spoken to rani. inside the balcony, rano had stood beside the wall and indicates her will to stroll again. rishi makes her take a seat, he begins to talk about him and tanuja. rano interrupts repeatedly, speakme to him about naitra. rano proclaims it’s suitable he appreciated naitra, as she is going to be his spouse now.

Rishi denies marrying anyone. rano asks what about her happiness? rishi asks what about his? he have to be permit to live happily with tanuja. rishi argues rano had preferred malaika for her. rano was cussed, but rishi became decided as nicely and tells rano simplest tanuja might be his spouse and daughter in law of this house.

Naitra become going outdoor, rishi comes across her and watches tanuja gazing him. he replies her hi, with i like tanuja. tanuja wonders what he’s telling her? rishi involves tanuja and tells her that rano asked him approximately naitra, he instructed her she is satisfactory. tanuja says rano has favored that lady for him, rishi considers her as smart, assured and a pleasant one. tanuja turns around in annoyance.

Rishi laughs aloud, mocking her. she beats his chest with fists, rishi clutches her together with her hands announcing he would maintain her with him for all his lives; either she have to stay luckily or he might forcefully maintain her with him. tanuja holds her collar. raaj calls rishi then, tanuja attempts to hold rishi back teasingly as he runs away.

Raaj tells rishi their batch of medicine become rejected with the aid of us, that’s the information of today. rishi questions uv as he were searching after pharmaceutical division. uv turned into unable to reply. uv explains rishi had been held with his non-public issues. rishi shouts over uv and tells him to get pc, he could look at all of the emails. in the room, uv became taking the laptop. divia asks uv if he ever realizes he has been disgraced in this house, rishi shouted at him and won’t shout at manpreet handiest due to the fact he’s followed son. rishi additionally made errors, however no one cares. uv warns divia now not to mention this to him once more.

Within the corridor, rishi sat with uv and says he can’t understand what their mistake is. uv marvel what’s the problem. manpreet comes to tell them approximately an investigation officer poorab boora. raaj asks approximately the problem in their medicinal drug. rishi apologizes uv for shouting at him, and was pressured.

He asks manpreet approximately poorab boora’s range. tanuja suggests why a person doesn’t visit meet him to us. manpreet says pooraj boora is in india right now, tanuja indicates them to ask him to dinner then. rano asks why they would invite their enemy on dinner. tanuja says this will get their family members better with the inspector.

PRECAP: Rishi was locked up, Tanuja comes to meet him. He jokes with Tanuja suggesting her to slap one or two of inspectors, and get locked up with him.

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