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Kasam 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Kasam 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Kasam 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Kasam 29th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

Poorab throws the ball toward tanuja however rishi saves her. he now goes to confront poorab and minds him about his limits. poorab apologizes, he concept about a throw as all and sundry. bee ji says he need to throw once, after that she is aware what might destroy and what no longer. tanuja comes to poorab and reminds he isn’t welcome right here; they need to meet in courtroom now. poorab reminds one from their seven days had ended, after than their commercial enterprise and property would give up. later, they may undergo a lack of fifty five%. tanuja suggests him a punch and shouts at him to go away, she received’t give him a unmarried penny. rano involves correct tanuja she doesn’t very own a unmarried penny now, she assures poorab could get his percentage however ought to leave after that. rano tells tanuja rishi betrayed her, like she betrayed them. rishi wonders how the papers reached rano. rano proclaims she is the brand new owner of this residence, rishi could inherit her after her.

  • Rano calls the legal professional and asks him to examine what’s written on the paper. the attorney reads a notice from tanuja. tanuja carries on analyzing the guidelines she had stated within the note, she declares anyone within the own family might do exercising. she arms the breakfast responsibility to divia. the rule no. 2 is ready the guests, specifying naitra. she tells naitra the obligation of being a junior cook dinner. she gives ahana the responsibility of her supervising manager. the legal professional reads the guideline approximately smiley, tanuja tells smiley to examine properly and cope with their fabric department while grown up. the rule of thumb about nakul says he gained’t get another luxury vehicle, he must get accurate grades in his look at. tanuja takes the keys from nakul. rano now goes to take the record and become involved watching this all. tanuja asks if she is reading it all perfectly. she takes rano’s seat and says absolutely everyone now not geared up to abide by means of her orders can depart luckily. she confronts poorab and tells him to get out of this residence. the lawyer additionally takes a depart. tanuja tells the own family to abide by her orders else she could be dissatisfied. raaj and ahana have been satisfied, rishi bowled over.

Inside the room, rano wonders how her recreation became changed. naitra comes there and says she had read the belongings papers carefully, she wonders how they changed. tanuja stood at the door saying final night. if they are able to cheat on her, why can’t she change a few papers? rano asks if she did this while she got here with bee ji. tanuja says she once more got here to her room to replace the papers. rano calls tanuja foxy, bee ji comes to appreciate tanuja, then warns tanuja now not to forget about they still don’t know who poorab’s helper here is. tanuja says poorab understand approximately everything here, that’s why he got here right here within the morning. bee ji says handiest four human beings knew about the assets papers, rano, naitra she and tanuja. tanuja rules out the possibility of naitra.
Bee ji comes to naitra’s room and thinks approximately hiding herself behind the curtain. naitra involves her room and is going to trade. she makes a decision to do the recording with her cellular. there rishi discuss with uv and manpreet he were given the signatures from tanuja then wonders how the papers have been changed. manpreet insists that tanuja insulted poorab who had come to insult them. uv says tanuja insulted them as well.

bee ji become recording naitra from in the back of.

tanuja comes downstairs, rishi hides his face. uv urges him pronouncing he need to be angry with tanuja. tanuja wonders what these three are cooking. rishi is going to revenge tanuja, he stops her calling as mrs rishi bedi. tanuja thinks what’s happening in his mind. rishi thinks she is constantly there in his mind, but he gained’t depart her nowadays. tanuja watches uv and manpreet winking at every different.
Precap: tanuja tells bee ji she desires to make poorab comprehend he isn’t really worth getting any percentage from bedi’s, best rishi is well worth it.



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