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Kasam 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update

Kasam 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Kasam 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update.Kasam 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update Latest.

Tanuja slaps poorab bora. he warns her to return this to her husband with interest and get into the auto. within the prison, tanuja comes to meet rishi who sat in the lock up. he asks what she has been doing right here, tanuja asks if her love could reduce if she comes here. his hand touches her, he poses his finger is burnt out of her anger. then jokes her to return inner by slapping some inspector, they might have a laugh. tanuja become concerned approximately what this all has occurred.

At home, rano became curt at tanuja and holds her responsible. raaj shuts her up and sends manpreet to call the lawyer. uv holds himself accountable, raaj now shuts him as now not to start. he then demands uv of poorab’s deal with.

Rishi shares with tanuja that poorab is not even his competitor, he wonders what he has completed with him. tanuja turned into decided to discover approximately it. rishi calls her jhansi ki rani, she cheers calling him mahara pratab.

Tanuja returns home, raaj was leaving to fulfill poorab boora. tanuja insists to come alongside, raaj says she slapped him, if she is discovered with him poorab received’t even see him. he desires to visit poorab and join his palms to him in an apology.

In poorab’s apartment, poorab says he turned into looking forward to mr. raaj singh bedi already as he pours a drink for himself. raaj says he would start a point to factor talk, he’s conscious rishi didn’t bribe him then why he trapped rishi. he wants to recognize the reason at the back of their enemity. poorab says nobody is held enemy with out a reason, he has a totally strong cause. proper now, raaj have to go back domestic. raaj joins his fingers to poorab, for being a chunk strict with him. he asks for a motive once more, as he would possibly have a misunderstanding. raaj says they’d left india a 20, 21 years in the past. tanuja had come out of doors the apartment. poorab tells raaj he’s the cause he desires to wreck rishi; he is his illegitimate father. tanuja was taken aback to hear. poorab says that is his revenge from raaj.

Raaj denies accepting, he best has three sons. poorab reminds him of reeta vora in the united states, he’s that reeta’s son. two weeks ago, whilst his mother turned into dying she shared with him that he’s his father and is alive. raaj explains reeta changed into aware about his circle of relatives, their marriage lasted for some days. poorab complains raaj played together with his mom’s lifestyles, used her and left her. he might return all the pains to raaj now, the family he left his mother for, would leave him step by step. its best the start with rishi.

Raaj joins his palms again, pleading to spare his circle of relatives. poorab says their trouble is they’re bedi’s. poorab could make his family pay for his sin. he shouts at raaj to go away and calls peter to take him away. he has to pay a big wonder to someone day after today morning. tanuja hides herself in the back of the door as raaj become locked out of doors rishi’s residence. he gets a name and guarantees to come back to police station.

In the police station, tanuja stays at the back of. rishi asks raaj about the matter. manpreet runs to tell rishi their factories were raid, fake material has been discovered in every of their manufacturing unit. all the media, and authorities officials are aware of this. rishi became certain poorab has done the fixing of their factories, he wonders why he has been doing so. the attorney brings bail papers for rishi, he was spared from lock up. rishi was decided to make poorab comprehend what rishi singh bedi is. he wonders why poorab has been doing so.

Rishi returns domestic inside the morning, curtly murmuring where is poorab bora. poorab says he is here, and corrects rishi it’s his residence now. while he might take over, he’s going to trade the interior here. rishi seems bowled over. poorab says the countdown starts offevolved, they’ll be bankrupt in 3 days. rishi have to read the newspaper tomorrow, and could near all factories day after tomorrow. rishi questions why he is doing this all. poorab involves raaj and asks if he didn’t percentage yet. raaj stood his head down. poorab asks tanuja to tell them about it, wasn’t she there.

He had seen her again door. raaj appears closer to tanuja in shock. poorab asks if they don’t want to proportion, he would tell them; he is likewise from the residence. he tells rishi raaj is answerable for some thing is occurring to rishi, his beyond will cause them to suffer this all. rano shouts at them to kick this guy out. poorab asks if like his mom, even if she become pregnant. he’s the son of that girl, and lamentably raaj singh bedi is his father. every body was in a country of surprise. rano asks raaj if he had married someone else?

Poorab says he married his mom for inexperienced card, and while he got one he left his mom himself. after american citizenship, he earned a lot of money. technically, whatever they personal these days is due to his mother and he needs his percentage of 51% in each in their property. if he doesn’t get that proportion, he would wreck them regardless of what.

PRECAP: Tanuja hears Poorab telling Malaika that he would bring another surprise to Rishi tomorrow. In this as well, a family member would be helping him. Tanuja was alert.

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