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Kasam 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kasam 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Kasam 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Kasam 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update.


Rano watches rishi outdoor and thinks its uv who has again fought divia. she changed into shocked to see it become rishi, she feels angry at tanuja but turned into glad that this will carry him near naitra. she tells rishi that because he doesn’t like tanuja why he could sleep in her room. she is going to consume some thing within the kitchen, and looking rishi asleep she goes to naitra’s room. she wakes naitra up and sends her to take benefit of the danger and go to rishi in the hall.


Full Details of Kasam 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Tanuja wakes up in nighttime worried what if rishi has long past to naitra’s room. rishi screams watching naitra. tanuja turned into relieved rishi changed into in the corridor and is going to take him to the room. rishi notices tanuja searching closer to them and puts his fingers round naitra’s neck. bee ji comes there, tanuja complains her about rishi thru signaling. Bee ji holds rishi’s ear scolding him. rishi says naitra fall over him. manpreet and uv come downstairs, rishi alerts it became to lead them to jealous. he tells manpreet that tanuja sent him outside. manpreet and uv additionally suggests that rishi can pass and sleep at naitra’s room. rano and tanuja each leap in. manpreet says tanuja became over-hearing their communication. rano broadcasts that rishi could sleep in naitra’s room today, rishi shows about placing a curtain among them if there’s so much problem. manpreet and uv take rishi to naitra’s room.
Bee ji involves tanuja’s room. tanuja complains rishi goes to naitra’s room by using will. bee ji became positive rishi received’t do anything, he’s in reality innocent. tanuja angrily says he isn’t in any respect innocent. bee ji promises to convey rishi to her room, she stocks with tanuja approximately a trick she used on her husband.
Rishi face up to as manpreet and uv take him to naitra’s room. rishi warns he could kick naitra. manpreet tries to convince rano that rishi might sleep in the room however at the sofa. bee ji comes there and scolds why they haven’t slept until yet. she is going to correct the mattress. rano says bee ji wasn’t geared up to let rishi sleep here, now she is making the bed. bee ji asks why is rano curt now. rano drags rishi over the mattress, and takes uv and manpreet out.
bee ji involves tanuja and says she has poured powder on rishi’s aspect of bed, rishi could now get irritation there. she tells tanuja to start the rely down, rishi might quickly be right here in the room. naitra tells rishi to be comfortable. rishi turned into irritated. naitra peeks via the curtain dragging her pillow. rishi was irritated, he says something is biting him and runs outdoor the room. bee ji had finished the be counted down, she and tanuja chuckle watching rishi come to the room. bee ji brings tanuja to the room. rishi enters. bee ji asks rishi why he came right here, she became simply telling tanuja that rishi gained’t sleep right here. rishi argues with bee ji that he would sleep here. tanuja proclaims rishi might sleep here, if he receives overdue the following day who might go to work then. bee ji gives a thumbs as much as tanuja. tanuja shuts the door smiling, then turns to look rishi angry. tanuja tells rishi to move and take a tub as he has been stinking badly. rishi goes to take a bathtub conscious.
naitra wonders why she is never angry in this bed. it seems rishi turned into shy to sleep along with her, she is going to rishi’s facet of bed calling it romantic.


Last Part of Kasam 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update
The following morning, rishi wakes up to peer tanuja snoozing. he blocks sunlight from her eyes as she turned into disturbed by using it, then teases her. tanuja wakes up smiling at him and waves him. she attempts to parent why he had been preserving his hand this manner.


Kasam 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Pandit reads rishi’s marakdosh and says it may return. he says the only to remedy it is also gift in the circle of relatives, their daughter in law.


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