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Kasam 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Kasam 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Kasam 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update. Kasam 31st March 2017 Written Episode Updates.


Bee ji comes to rano and says the residence has been adorned fantastically. rano boasts the decorators and money each are hers, and eyes bee ji carefully as she aspects tanuja. bee ji says she is really satisfied for rishi, isn’t rano happy for his achievement. even these days, rano has been considering tanuja.


Malaika comes to poorab’s birthday celebration announcing they shouldn’t conceal this. manpreet calls tanuja as actually smart to invite them right here, just to show them rishi’s success. ahana comes defending manpreet and deters them now not to insult manpreet. she name callings at malaika for hold on converting boys. poorab asks approximately rishi and tanuja.


Inside the room, tanuja receives equipped for the celebration. she appears in the direction of the irritated rishi inside the mirror and wonders how she need to inform him how a lot she is satisfied for him. rishi thinks he is positive tanuja isn’t glad for him in any respect.

Tanuja tells rishi to go away together with her . rishi denies, and watches tanuja’s dress unzipped. he follows to cover her then makes the human beings visit hall and pins tanuja to a wall. he forbids her go to the birthday celebration. tanuja questions if he could prevent his boss, he qualifies he can forestall his spouse. they percentage an eye lock. tanuja watches john coming there and pushes rishi away announcing human beings are looking. rishi points toward her get dressed, tanuja asks if she doesn’t look proper. rishi attempts to provide an explanation for approximately her zip. tanuja became aware and takes rishi to the room, and struggles to zip her dress up. she then asks rishi to help her and forbids him have a look at her, and handiest keep an eye contact with her within the replicate. rishi doesn’t take his eyes off and couldn’t locate the zip. he asks to look in the direction of it, assuring he would most effective watch the zip. tanuja turns around confirming if it’s tied and sends him out of doors, smiling at the back of him. she says rishi loves her a lot that he desires to guard her from everybody. she changed into positive she would be rishi’s wife in all their lives to come back.


Within the room, naitra was struggling along with her get dressed. she hears rishi calling out of doors and springs for his assist. rishi brings a waiter and asks him to zip her get dressed. naitra became indignant and is going to her room. the waiter become the hired assassin. bee ji watches poorab watch naitra and wink at her. bee ji tells raaj to maintain an eye fixed over poorab, he would understand himself who the secret agent is. poorab watches tanuja coming downstairs and signals her. raaj tells bee ji poorab isn’t stupid, bee ji nonetheless follows poorab anyway. rishi comes to the corridor to take uv apart. he speak with uv how malaika can be with poorab. uv points in the direction of them saying its courting connection. rishi calls it unbelievable. uv watches divia aside then says rishi has no idea what’s getting into humans’s mind here. he wish rishi and goes apart. rishi curtly watches malaika and poorab, malaika cheers her drink towards him at the same time as he smiles. tanuja stares at rishi curtly.


Raaj involves tanuja and appreciates her for preserving the celebration. he moves on. manpreet involves take absolutely everyone’s interest. the goon in waiter’s cover nods in the direction of poorab and malaika, then goes to a facet bringing out his gun. he prepares a tray and springs with it to take tanuja’s goal. manpreet cheers the crowd, appreciating his brother. the goon turned into about to tug the cause while rishi adjustments his position and is derived in front of tanuja. rishi become giving his speech, absolutely masking tanuja. rishi says any award of a person has a entire group behind. he appreciates manpreet and uv’s efforts behind his fulfillment. rishi walks toward tanuja and bypass on thanking her silently.


Precap: Bee ji says tanuja’s love would pour to rishi. tanuja says rishi is truely aggravated along with her as she scolded him. bee ji was positive rishi could soon come in the back of her, tanuja wish it happens and turns to pour her drink over rano.


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