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Kasam 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kasam 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Kasam 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Kasam 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Raaj comes to the goon and asks him for a chilly drink.

Bee ji involves tanuja taunting rishi ought to have said i really like you to tanuja. naitra stares at her huge eyed, bee ji curtly says she most effective gave this proper to rano. naitra become indignant at bee ji, then tells rano what rishi did to her.
rishi and tanuja stood on a aspect. tanuja became irritated at him for observing others. rishi says tanuja doesn’t allow him close to her, he can stare at anyone as per desire. tanuja curtly says i don’t care.


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Poorab scolds the waiter bringing him apart and asks why he’s seen all around. he questions malaika if he could absolutely be any use to kill a single woman. the goon points the gun at poorab. rishi watches a man observing tanuja close to the bar, he sends manpreet to call the boy aside. tanuja turned into attentive towards them.

rishi corrects the collar of the man and says the girl he were staring is luckily his wife. the boy apologizes straight away, rishi tells him to escape from right here. rishi and tanuja look towards each other, she smiles at him.
malaika involves congratulate tanuja, however she doesn’t reply. malaika corrects, he is her ex-husband to be. tanuja takes malaika apart and warns her to mention another word against her and rishi. malaika attempts to make up, they belong to identical fraternity. she desired to marry rishi for money and shekhar’s revenge; tanuja additionally married rishi for money and rano’s revenge. malaika says had raaj no longer visible her in hotel that day, their stories must had been one of a kind. tanuja tells malaika that their existence tales are written on skies, she has been born for rishi handiest. malaika asks if this money sport is a drama to store her cash from poorab. tanuja thinks she will be able to’t malaika determine her plan out, and says she truly loves two matters money and rishi. till she is alive, she gained’t supply a unmarried penny to anyone.


Malaika and rishi involves every other, tanuja smiling at him. he inquires signaling what took place, tanuja denies. their hand touches as they skip through, both have been moved and loo towards each other. tanuja thanks rishi for being so careful and deterring the guy staring at her. she clarifies this doesn’t suggest she could go back his assets to him. rishi says he have been considering something else and leaves. tanuja became harm watching him pass this way. bee ji brings a juice to tanuja and says she already warned tanuja her love might be visible to rishi within the celebration. tanuja turned into disenchanted she really made him depart her facet. bee ji assures rishi might soon be right here after her. tanuja desire and turns round, the juice spilt over rano. tanuja changed into apologetic, rano wasn’t equipped to just accept her sorry and leaves curtly. bee ji makes tanuja spare rano as she will’t make her up at any fee.


The goon had come upstairs and spots tanuja standing with bee ji. the lights had been close right now, it was nakul who requires a couple dance on the birthday party. the couples within the celebration come in among. uv brings divia to the centre, ahana and manpreet take their places.

in the room, rano turned into enraged over tanuja. naitra involves calm rano down. rano wanted to push that lady out of her house, and tells naitra tanuja invited poorab to birthday party to expose rano the illegitimate infant of her husband. she became determined to play a game so that tanuja leaves this belongings and this house.


Tanuja appears around to find rishi wasn’t there. bee ji thinks tanuja have to be locating rishi for couple dance. the goon had come to take purpose of tanuja. bee ji leaves her facet. raaj comes beside the goon in waiter’s conceal. he sends a drink for his special visitors. the waiter leaves. poorab turned into curt over his vintage father.


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There, rishi comes to birthday party looking for tanuja. tanuja got here looking for him, both hit each different in the hall. tanuja offers a grin to people, rishi and she ask what’s there. rishi asks what makes him attracted in the direction of her. tanuja thinks it’s their love that maintains them closer. he forgives her every time although she misbehaves with him. she want rishi takes her to ground.


Precap: tanuja fell over the floor. all people rushes to her. rishi comes to the goon and asks if he is first-rate. the goon confronts rishi curtly.



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