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Kasam 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kasam 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Kasam 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Kasam 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update.


Tanuja asks rishi what he has been doing. rishi fakes to kill mosquitoes. tanuja tells rishi that mosquitoes are all useless. he turns around as she laughs.
Naitra wakes as much as locate spots all across her frame. she cries looking herself inside the reflect.
on the breakfast desk, rishi warns ahana not to permit rano devour butter, its no longer suitable for her fitness. bee ji name callings raaj still loves rano, raaj says its care. rano joins the table, ahana holds the butter pot from the front of her. naitra comes out, rishi and manpreet giggle watching her scars. rano goes to scold her for no longer controlling herself at night time. she says she may want to have stopped rishi. naitra tells rano that the bedbug first bit rishi then her. manpreet tells naitra to head and take a bath. bee ji asks who the winner of this recreation is, everybody replies ‘bedbug’. Tanuja cheers.


Full Details of Kasam 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Naitra complains rano to be vain. rano become waiting for divia to put together true ingredients for pandit. divia enters the residence questioning a person was genuinely there outdoor poorab’s house. tanuja comes there and asks divia why she didn’t inform her approximately her mom’s ill fitness. rano comes there and tells divia to take care of serving pandit ji nicely. tanuja changed into coming in the direction of divia however bee ji stops her and tells her to accumulate the proofs first.
Tanuja concealed underneath the sofa as rishi was talking to a photo wishing the girl involves his the front simply as she appears inside the photo. tanuja stands up to him. rishi asks if she honestly got here. tanuja scoffs he must expect someone else. rishi smiles she is jealous of naitra. he tells tanuja today rano known as pandit to look for their start charts. tanuja gets severe and asks why he is doing this. rishi critically reminds her about his question and says every now and then some things are defined thru words.
Rishi asks tanuja why she has been doing this all, if she says he would accept even the skies break. he would accept as true with each word that she might say. tanuja thinks approximately divia in poorab’s residence. she was about to inform rishi while naitra comes from in the back of and calls rishi as the pandit is here. rishi gives tanuja a jerk and tells her no longer to pay attention to naitra and say what she have been pronouncing. naitra involves take rishi away.
Bee ji sends ahana to bring everybody’s birth chart, he’s a notable pandit. they have to take his consent on everybody’s beginning chart. tanuja comes to the corridor. the pandit turns to look closer to her and blesses her. he asks about her name, she says tanuja. he closes his eyes and reads something under his lips. ahana brings all and sundry’s birth chart. bee ji locations every body’s start chart.


Last Part of Kasam 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update
Pandit ji asks bee ji what she desires to ask him. bee ji asks when would there comes a infant in rishi’s lifestyles? rano says first they ought to get married. pandit reads rishi’s start chart and says there’s a deathcurse on this start chart. raaj says if it hasn’t left. pandit ji says it would return in his start chart. he reads the alternative delivery chart and says their daughter in regulation is right here as a remedy of that curse. rano boasts about choosing the right girl for rishi. he reads she has been born for rishi, as she has the whole thing in her beginning chart to fight the loss of life curse. he indicators a beginning mark on her frame, it seems she was born to accomplish a few aim, some kasam or promise. she is a gift for rishi. tanuja remembers katiani ji’s words who said if tanuja comes to rishi’s existence she would change into his dying. rishi wonders who introduced this pandit ji, he has been taking non sense. rano sends divia to convey candies, however turned into greatly surprised to peer the pandit ji become studying tanuja’s beginning chart. tanuja’s head was banging badly as she recalled the words of temple girl that rishi’s lifestyles would scatter if she remains with him.

Precap: Tanuja involves temple woman and asks why she known as her a curse for rishi while the pandit ji advised her she became a present for him. katiani ji accepts she had lied to her.


Update Credit To: Aditiya


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